Accounting and Finance Courses

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term. Click on the Check Availability button to determine if the course you’re interested in is currently open for registration. Visit the Available Courses page for a full list of courses open for registration.

Business Finance – ACCTCB340

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Prepare and analyze financial information of a business to develop sound managerial decisions relating to Corporate Finance, including the valuation of securities, working capital management and short term financing. Students will be expected to attend online sessions on the scheduled dates and times. Prerequisites: ACCT10005 (Financial Statement Concepts) and ACCT10014 (Accounting 2) and MATH10037 (Business Math of Finance) or ACCTAC211 (Understanding Financial Statements) and MATH10037. 42 hours.

Business Finance I – ACCT10028

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Develop broad understanding of financial management including financial statement analysis, valuation of cash flows, risk and return and capital budgeting. Draw on theory learned in previous study to enhance financial decision-making skills. Prerequisite: ACCT10022. 42 hours

Business Finance II – ACCT10029

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Continue study of business finance. Examine capital markets in Canada, investment underwriting, debt and lease financing, common and preferred stock financing, dividend policy and retained earnings, derivatives, convertibles, warrants, and mergers. Prerequisite: ACCT10028. 42 hours

Cost and Managerial Accounting II – ACCT10025

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Learn to handle fixed manufacturing overhead on income statements, and approaches for measuring performance. Topics include allocating costs for service departments and joint processes, pricing, quality costs, and analyzing cost behaviour. Equivalent to: ACCTAC436 (Cost and Managerial Accounting 2). Prerequisite: ACCT10024 or ACCTAC336 (Cost and Managerial Accounting 1). 48 hours.

Financial Accounting Advanced – ACCT10129

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Recording and reporting of inter-corporate investments and business combinations, consolidation of subsidiaries, foreign currency transactions, foreign operations reporting, and financial reporting in the not-for-profit sector. Discuss standard setting both internationally and in Canada relating to IFRS and ASPE. Develop and enhance professional judgment and ability to apply conceptual principles and accounting policies. It is recommended that you have fundamental accounting knowledge. 42 hours.

Financial Accounting Concepts – ACCT10128

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An overview of the financial reporting process for business majors. Concentrate on the recording process and the production of financial statements. Introduces simple tools for analyzing financial information and explains the information contained in financial statements useful in your future role as manager, investor, or a user of financial accounting information. 42 hours.

Mortgage Agent – BUSN10061

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Prepare for licensing as a Mortgage Agent. Develop an understanding of the Mortgage Agent Qualifying Standards (MAQS) identified by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, governing legislation, and agent responsibilities related to consumer protection, and ethical decision-making. 42 hours.

Taxation II – ACCT10034

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The determination of net income for tax purposes, taxable income and taxes payable will be examined in detail, for unincorporated businesses and corporations. Preparation of personal tax returns will be completed in detail. Prerequisite: ACCT10019. 56 hours