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Learn@IBM provides a blended learning approach that allows users to interact with content in both online and in-class environments.

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Mohawk College, as a recognized IBM Premier Academic Initiative participant, is pleased to offer Learn@IBM programming.

Learn the strategies, tools and methodologies used in innovative and successful business process management programs. These courses are ideal for Analysts, Project Managers, Business Process Owners, Change Management Specialists and all those who need the skills to improve and/or manage business processes. They will provide professionals with knowledge, case studies, innovations and practical workshops.

Learn@IBM provides a blended learning approach for specific career paths that focus on job role-based training that is aligned to market demand. Mohawk College students can access a number of different career offerings through Continuing Education and select those that supports their career goals most effectively. The blended learning experience allows users to interact with content in both online and classroom-based environments. Training is available in: SPSS Modeler, Cognos, BPM, QRadar, Appscan and Hyperledger Composer & Fabric.

IBM professional certifications are recognized, respected and valued globally. Following the completion of an Learn@IBM course and exam, program participants will earn badges. Badges are a digital recognition of skills and can be shared on social and professional networks and become part of your digital signature.


These courses are normally delivered in a blended format combining face-to-face and online learning. Some courses have temporarily transitioned to a fully online delivery. Click on the Check Availability button to determine if the course you’re interested in is currently open for registration.

IBM Business Process Analyst - BUSN10217

Learn about managing upstream and downstream impacts and the cross-functional importance of processes to the overall objectives of an organization. Understand concepts such as process analysis, process improvement, macro design, Playback 0, and identifying and working with key performance indicators (KPIs). You can challenge the IBM Explorer and Mastery Award exams to earn IBM Official Badges.

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IBM Predictive Analytics Modeler - BUSN10218

Learn the essential analytics models to collect and analyze data efficiently. Gain skills in predictive analytics models such as data mining, data collection and integration, nodes, and statistical analysis while using tools for market research and data mining to predict problems and improve outcomes. You can challenge the IBM Explorer and Mastery Award exams to earn IBM Official Badges.

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IBM Application Security Technologist - COMP10235

Scan web applications against vulnerabilities and attacks. Explore OWASP security standards, Glassbox scanning, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, cross-site request forgery and threat analysis and reports. Earn IBM Official Badges. Basic knowledge of web development, HTML, HTTP and application security is required.

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IBM Blockchain Developer - COMP10234

Discover blockchain concepts such as business networks, participants, assets and trusted transactions using Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer and IBM Blockchain Platform. Earn IBM Official Badges. Basic knowledge of JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js, Golang, Docker and Kubernetes.

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IBM Business Intelligence Analyst - BUSN10227

Explore report building techniques using relational data models. Enhance, customize and manage reports including Active reports and functionality. Earn IBM Official Badges. Basic database, XML, Microsoft Windows operating system, internet and web browser usage experience and knowledge of an organization's business intelligence and reporting needs are required.

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IBM Business Process Developer - BUSN10226

Discover process modeling, case management, enhancing coaches, and integration services in the different phases of the business process management (BPM) lifecycle. Explore implementation of BPM methods and understanding the process portal. Earn IBM Official Badges. Basic experience in modern programming, SQL syntax, JavaScript, web services as well as practical knowledge of data structures is required.

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IBM Security Intelligence Technologist - COMP10236

Consolidate event logs from device endpoints within a network to identify threats. Enhance skills in data security, event offenses, asset profile offenses and event rules. Investigate offenses generated from network logs and create rules for prevention. Earn IBM Official Badges. Basic security fundamentals, IT infrastructure, Linux, Windows, TCP/IP networking and Syslog knowledge are required.

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"The course provides valuable best practices and techniques to introduce process changes effectively, to get the most from your process improvement effort." - Joseph Assaf, Area Services Analyst

For more information, cetechnology [at] mohawkcollege.ca (subject: IBM%20Skills%20Academy) (email Continuing Education Technology.)