Indigenous Studies

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

Courses are offered through OntarioLearn and are NOT currently deemed equivalent for the General Arts and Science 2+2 Indigenous Pathway.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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Bridging Two Worlds: Connecting with Indigenous People of Canada – INDS10015

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Familiarize yourself with Indigenous worldviews and learn from, and about, Indigenous people to dispel stereotypes and myths. Identify and discuss major events in Canada that have led to the issues facing Indigenous people today. 42 hours.

History of Indigenous/Canadian Relations – INDS10017

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Discover the historic stages of the relationship between Indigenous peoples in Canada from contact to present day. Explore world views, cooperation and negotiations through the fur trade era and the impact of government colonial policy on Indigenous communities, cultures and people. 42 hours.

Indigenous Identity & Relationship to the Land – INDS10018

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Explore Indigenous cosmology, knowledge and world view and its relationship to the land. Students will be encouraged to examine and locate their own identity and world view in relation to these concepts. 42 hours.

Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective – INDS10019

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Examine contemporary issues relevant to Indigenous people around the globe. Explore patterns and themes of Indigenous histories. Focus on contemporary revitalization, repatriation and preservation methods employed by Indigenous people and governments around the world. 42 hours.

Powwow Culture Introduction – INDS10040

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In this course, students will explore various Indigenous cultures and study the origins and elements of Powwow culture. Students will examine the historical roots of the Powwow through a post colonial framework and understand the historical events that led to this celebration of Indigenous heritage and culture. Students will explore all the elements of the powwow including sacred drums, dance, and regalia and apply their knowledge through the creation of a powwow display. Students will further apply their knowledge by developing a plan to coordinate a powwow and if applicable assist in the planning of a Powwow at Cambrian college.42 hours.