Writing and Communication Courses

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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For ESL (English as Second Language) Students: COMMLL044 is equivalent to COMM11040 and COMMLL041.

AC - Communications, Part B – COMMLL044

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Improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills required in a college setting. Learn to write clear, precise business documents with attention to grammar, vocabulary and idiom usage. Students will be expected to attend online sessions on the scheduled dates and times. Prerequisites: COMM10092 or COMMLL043 or Canadian Language Benchmark 7 in each of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 56 hours.

Business Report Writing – COMM10330

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Learn to structure written reports from memos to formal presentations in ways that are precise, clear and easy to read. Ideal for anyone who finds the report writing demands of a job outstrip their training. 42 hours.

Business Writing Strategies – COMM10325

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Develop practical writing skills using technology for successful communication in business. Learn how to compose business correspondence including e-mails, memoranda, letters and reports with a focus on routine, persuasive, and negative messages. Includes a review of grammar and mechanics. 42 hours.

Communication – COMMLL041

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Develop thinking, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills with emphasis on effective written communication. Students will be expected to attend online sessions on the scheduled dates and times. 42 hours.

Communication D – COMM11040

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An introductory college level English course. Through a variety of assignments, develop the reading, writing, critical and analytical skills essential for communicators in college and upon graduation. Teaches writing through the critical reading of various fiction and non-fiction materials and brings students with basic skills to college level foundational skills. Students will be expected to attend online sessions on the scheduled dates and times. 56 hours.

Creative Writing for Beginners – COMM10331

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Beginner writers and those with previous writing experience will hone their skills, benefit from a series of exercises and get involved in creative writing and critical reading. 30 hours.

English 1 – COMM10256

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Focus on effective communication in the workplace. Practice writing, speaking, reading, listening, locating and documenting information, and using technology to communicate professionally. Microphone is required. Equivalent to: COMMLL041 or COMMLL044 or COMM11040. 42 hours.

Essentials of Writing Fiction – CREA10032

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Core elements needed for creative writing are covered. Gain understanding of the process of creative writing including theme, setting, plotting and characterization. 45 hours.

Researching and Reporting-Lgs – COMMLL122

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Explore techniques for effective writing and develop research and reporting skills. Covers: problem definition, print-based and electronic research methodologies, survey strategies, and formal report writing. Prerequisite: COMMLL041 or equivalent post-secondary communications course. 42 hours.

Writing Grammatically – COMM10218

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Enhance your understanding of English grammar. Benefit from a review of sentence parts, in-depth study of sentence structure and a practical review of stylistic conventions in business writing. 48 hours.

Writing Skills for the Web – COMM10297

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Examine specific issues and skills for writing for emphasis and visual impact, the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimized) writing, sourcing images and video and simple techniques for incorporating them with text. 42 hours.