Achieve: Therapeutic Adventure Programming

Offerings of this course have been suspended until we can safely offer face-to-face programming.

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This 3 day, highly experiential course will introduce participants to therapeutic adventure programming as a means to explore a variety of individual and group-based learning outcomes.

This course takes place at the Wendigo Lake Expedition base camp near South River, Ontario and includes overnight accommodation and meals.

Check Course Availability  NOTE: This course is offered in the Spring and Fall terms only.

Topics to be explored through adventure include:

  • Experiential Education and Adventure-based Learning
  • Introduction to Adventure Therapy
  • Personal and Group Challenges
  • Group Dynamics, Activity Sequencing, and Activity Prescription
  • Leadership and Facilitation
  • Therapeutic Relationship and Alliance

ACHIEVE: Therapeutic Adventure Programming may be used as a general elective towards any program of studies.

  • Students must provide their own transportation to South River and arrive by 1:00 p.m. on Friday
  • Six full meals are included
  • Departure is at 1:00 pm on Sunday
  • Register early!

The course takes place at Wendigo Lake Expeditions and is offered in the Spring and Fall term each year.

Directions to Wendigo Lake Expeditions
Take the 403 East towards Toronto. Take the 427 North. Take 401 East (exit 139). Take highway 400 North towards Barrie (exit 359). Highway 400 North will divide and you will need to follow the highway 11 North signs towards North Bay.  You will take exit #289 (Hwy124, South River). You will follow this highway until you get to the set of lights, there is only one, and you will turn left onto Ottawa Ave. Continue on this street, you will see a large sign that says "Wendigo Lake Expeditions Project DARE - 24 kms". Continue pass this sign and you will go over a single car bridge, taking you on a back road. Continue on this back road for 22 kms, until you see another large sign like the one before saying "Wendigo Lake Expeditions Project DARE – 3.4 kms". This sign will also have an arrow pointing you to turn left. Turn left in front of this sign and continue on this road for 3.4 kms.  You will then come to one more large sign welcoming to you Wendigo Lake.  Take a right at the sign and park in our parking lot. Walk down the hill to our program office on the left.