Police Foundations

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential. 

Many of these courses are included in the Police Foundations program of studies. You may register in these courses whether or not you have been accepted in the Police Foundations Diploma program. The complete program is available through full-time studies.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

Click on the Check Availability button to determine if the course you’re interested in is currently open for registration. Visit the Available Courses page for a full list of courses open for registration.

Criminal And Civil Law – LAWSPF301

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Examination of the Canadian Criminal Code and related Federal Statutes, as well as the aspects of Civil law. Skills to navigate through the Criminal Code. Apply the appropriate laws to real life scenarios. Comprehend how a small claims civil suit is processed in comparison to a criminal process. 42 hours.

Ethical Reasoning Principles – LAWS10174

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Intended for law enforcement professionals, this course explores personal and professional ethical issues. Learn to clarify values, establish a framework for ethical decisions and appreciate the importance of moral philosophy in decision making. Equivalent to: LAWSPF106 (Principles of Ethical Reasoning). 45 hours.

Managing Conflict – CONF10009

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Students will be introduced to the process of conflict management from the perspective of law enforcement intervention. Students will examine some occurrences commonly encountered by police officers and will examine the use of relevant legislation and problem management techniques to assist with effectively managing such occurrences. 48 hours. Prerequisite: LAWS10175 and LAWSPF303.48 hours.

Provincial Offences – LAWS10175

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Students interpret and apply provincial statutes. Topics studied include arrest, search and seizure authorities, common offences and the involvement of non-police agencies. 42 hours.