Computer Sciences

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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A+ Essentials - Operation System Software – COMP10121

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Complete this course and A+ Essentials – Hardware to validate knowledge of computer operating systems, including installation, repair, configuring, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, security and soft skills. Prerequisite: COMP10108. 52 hours.

Advanced Python – COMP10251

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Apply your knowledge and skills of Python to build a database-backed web application using the Django framework and deploy the application to a managed cloud-based platform-as-a-service. Through a project-based approach, install and import modules from third party libraries, build database schemas and queries using Python and object-oriented programming patterns, and securely serve dynamic content over the web. Recommended Prerequisite: COMP10238 (Intermediate Python). 42 hours.

Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET and C# – COMP10216

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Introduces web application development and database connectivity and builds on the fundamentals of C# programming. Emphasizes creating basic, dynamic, and advanced ASP.NET pages in Microsoft's new C# programming language, and how to interact with the database using ADO.NET. Prerequisite: COMP10116. 42 hours.

Fundamentals of UNIX – COMP10024

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Establish a solid foundation with a Unix operating system. Construct and execute well-formed UNIX commands. Install end-user applications. Customize the user environment. Work with UNIX directories and files. Create and troubleshoot shell scripts. You must become familiar with creating and installing a Virtual Machine prior to the course start. Online live delivery. Weekly classes on Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm. Details found in your course shell on the start date. 56 hours.

Intermediate Python – COMP10238

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Expand on the knowledge learned in Introduction to Python by exploring advanced Python data structures, managing project files, performing basic error handling and testing. Apply recommended programming practices including documentation and naming conventions to build Python files through hands-on activities. Recommended Prerequisite: COMP10237 (Introduction to Python). 42 hours.

Introduction to C# Programming – COMP10116

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Explore C# object-oriented programming concepts including data abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Learn to design, code and document business-oriented programs, using .NET and C#. 42 hours.

Introduction to Python Programming – COMP10237

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Install and set up a Python development environment and learn to apply fundamental concepts of Python programming by manipulating various data types. Execute Python scripts that use logical operators, conditional statements, and loops through hands-on assignments. 42 hours.

Programming for Absolute Beginners – COMP10189

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Gain a general understanding of computer programming. Learn to store information in the computer, how to determine what the computer does next and how to get information in and out of the computer. Access to C compiler is required. 30 hours.

Programming in C – COMP10122

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Build knowledge of structured programming and problem solving using C as the foundation for further programming study. Consider operations; flow control; input/output; arrays; pointers; strings; and structures. Access to a C compiler required. 45 hours.

Software Application Integration – COMP10198

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Create the valuable and advanced level business documents that are in high demand in the business world. Learn how to effectively create documents that incorporate data from several Microsoft Office Applications. Working knowledge of Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint. 30 hours.

Unified Modeling Language (UML) Modeling with Casetool – COMP10158

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Study concepts of object-oriented analysis and design techniques, Unified Process (an iterative methodology), and Unified Modeling Language (UML). Using a case-centered, scenario-based approach, apply object-oriented concepts and modeling techniques to simulate real-life situations. Prerequisite: COMP10035 or COMP10116. 42 hours.