Food and Drink

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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Basics of Cake Baking – CULI10107

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The art of baking cakes takes time and patience to master. Learning the basic techniques will help you become more familiar with cakes. This course will give you fundamentals necessary to make tasty, delicious, cakes. You will learn to make soft, moist vanilla cake, delicious chocolate cake, and refreshing lemon cake. Students will be expected to attend online sessions on the scheduled dates and times. 5 hours.

Brewing History – HOSP10042

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Investigate the relationship that beer has had with humanity from the dawn of history to present day. Explore the mystery of fermentation, beer's central role in the development of ancient civilization, the move from medieval kitchens to commercial breweries, how beer shaped the New World, the link between location and style, the development of a global beer, and the current beer revolution. 42 hours.

Chocolate History – CULI10087

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Survey the 4000 year old history of chocolate: from ancient Mesoamerica, as a bitter drink of ritual and medicine, to the modern chocolate culture and the mass-produced globalized product of the twentieth century. Investigate import to Europe by the Spanish, the transformation into a sugary drink of the nobility, and the importance to colonization, the slave trade and the Industrial Revolution. 42 hours.

Local Food Procurement – CULI10095

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Explore opportunities to bring more local food to foodservices in colleges, universities and healthcare facilities. Learn the skills you need to develop local food purchasing programs. Designed by leading industry experts. 3 hours.