New Continuing Education Courses

NOTE: This list is for the entire Winter 2021 term.

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3D Visualization – UPLN10008

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Introduction to creation of 3D drawings and renderings using computer aided design (CAD) and virtual/augmented reality. 42 hours.

Contemporary Canadian Issues – COMM10375

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A critical understanding of contemporary Canadian issues is vital to being an active member in our democratic society. Students explore a variety of topics and analyze their ethical implications and relevance to Canadian life. Discussions, debates, and other collaborative activities offer opportunities to consider recent controversies from different perspectives, and use of a variety of media (e.g. newspapers, articles, and other resources online) allows for in-depth reflection on the history and current state of a range of social and political topics.42 hours.

Design Thinking – CREA10199

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Design Thinking uses a designer mindset to produce business innovations in products and services, with a focus on deep understanding of and empathy with the people who use them. Following a holistic innovation process for an area of interest or organization, students build an initial business case and apply design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies to make innovation a sustainable practice. 45 hours.

Digital Presence for Today's Business – BUSN10274

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In this digital marketplace, image capturing and a strong web presence are key to communicating effectively with current or prospective clients and to other successful professional practices. With professional image creation in mind, students have the opportunity to explore the practical groundwork of photo capture focus, composition and exposure. Students will explore cost-effective website building platform options and learn about the questions to ask when retaining a professional website designer. 45 hours.

Emergency on Planet Earth – ENVR10078

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What is, and is not, part of nature? How have people related to nature at different points in history? In what ways has human development impacted the natural world? This course is designed to help students better understand the environment, environmental concerns and our relationship to the natural world. In addition, students discuss topics such as the living environment, environmental pollution, eco-disasters, biological sustainability and social responsibility. 42 hours.

Garden Bones – HORT10062

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The non-living structures in a garden can be as important as the plants themselves. In Garden Bones we'll discuss, draw and learn to incorporate different built elements such as tuteurs, arbours, gabions, pergolas, sculpture and more to add privacy, scale and year round interest. Held at Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, check in at Reception. 6 hours.

Health and Well-Being – HLTH10288

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Study the following topics; health and well being, including healthy eating, and lifestyle, dental health, public health issues, addictions and prevention, and mental health. 45 hours.

Interior Decorating Advanced – CREA10200

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In this course, students will integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned from previous courses to create a final project that will enhance their portfolio. Tips to hone professional and business relationships that are critical to grow in the field of interior decorating are discussed. Students will apply the profession?s code of ethics and learn how to analyze a variety of personality types to most effectively serve clients. Students will expand on previous knowledge in topical areas such as creating accessible spaces, dealing with difficult clients, and creating brand recognition. Prerequisites: BUSN10256, HIST10030, HIST10025 and BUSN10274. 45 hours.

Self and Society – SSCI10080

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Apply a sociological lens to examine links between human behaviour and the social environment. Explore the diverse perspectives that may be used to explain the connection between behaviour and the social world. Discuss concepts related to social structure, social interaction, inequality or race, ethnicity, and gender, the family, population, and social movements and social change. Equivalent to: SSCISS109. 42 hours.