Technology and Skills Courses

Continuing Education offers a selection of stand-alone courses each term that do not lead to a credential.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2021 term.

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Automation Programming Introduction – ASYS10024

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Designed for beginners, students work hands-on with low cost hardware, basic electronic devices and Arduino programming to develop skills quickly. Instructor led, students are introduced to basic components, learn how to program them and how they work. Delivered remotely with weekly online classes. Students require a computer with Internet access and the ability to download and install open source software. Students are responsible to purchase materials. 36 hours.

Aviation English Preparation – AFTD10040

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The course is designed to provide non-native speakers of English the speaking and listening skills necessary to be successful in post-secondary flight and aviation leadership programs and Transport Canada’s aviation language proficiency demonstration.

Basic Electrical Theory and Motor Controls – ELEC10151

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Covers electrical units, Ohm's Law, circuits, magnetism and electromagnetism, relays and contactors as it relates to multi-skilling of trades and related workers. Fundamentals of AC/DC and an overview of transformer principles will be covered. Introduces Electric Motor Controls. 60 hours.

Dynamics – MECHMC422

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Develop an understanding of motion (kinematics) of particles and rigid bodies and their kinetics and explore and apply the fundamentals of simple harmonic motion. Prerequisites: MATHMA383 and MECHMC322.

Restoration Ecology – ENVR10064

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Analyze the biological and physical aspects of restoration ecology with an emphasis on the role played by society in a successful restoration project. Provides guidance for the design of a natural ecosystem restoration project. Presents multiple case studies and introduces practical tools and techniques tested in the field of restoration ecology projects. 45 hours.

Strength of Materials – MECHMC364

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Learn to execute and interpret experimental work. Become familiar with techniques of stress analysis, synthesize solutions from analytical and experimental methods and develop reporting skills. Prerequisites: MATHMA383 and MECHMC322.