Continuing Education Catalogue Legend

Here's how to read the Continuing Education Catalogue.

Step 1

Read the Program Description. This includes valuable information about the purpose of the program, type of credential, admission requirements, graduation requirements, and a link to the program website for more information.

Step 2

Read the course description for the course(s) you would like to take. Not all courses in a program are offered in any particular term, but the courses which are scheduled are listed below the program heading. Use the program of studies in the catalogue, or on the program web page, to help you decide in which order to take the courses. If there are prerequisites, they will be indicated at the end of the course description.

The line below the course description provides you with essential information about when a course is offered.

12220 TU Jan7 Mar31  6:00-9:00 13 Classroom (FF) $267.93
  • CRN - Course Registration Number - required for registration
  • DAY(S) - day(s) of the week course will take place for in-class offerings
  • START - first day of the course
  • END - last day of the course
  • TIMES - start and end time for in-class offerings
  • SESS - number of sessions/weeks
  • DELIVERY - see below (Campus Codes & Locations)
  • FEE - course cost (does not include required texts or materials unless noted in the course description)

Campus Codes & Locations

Blended (XX)
Course includes online and classroom content. (XX) indicates the campus where the classroom component is held. Learn more about Blended Learning.

Classroom (FF)
Fennell Campus
135 Fennell Avenue West Hamilton, ON L9C 1E9

Classroom (IH)
Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster
1400 Main Street West Hamilton, ON L8S 1C7

Classroom (SC)
Stoney Creek Campus
481 Barton Street Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2L7

Course is online through Mohawk College.

Field Work
Course work done at placement location.

Other online delivery. See course description for details.

Course is online through

See course description for details.

Step 3

Complete the Registration Process.

Step 4

If you have any questions contact Continuing Education. Contact information is on page 1 of the print catalogue or can be found on our Continuing Education Contacts web page.