Computer Workshops

Continuing Education offers a variety of workshops! They are designed to develop/enhance your skills in a specific area. Invest 10 hours, or less, of your time and learn something new.

NOTE: This list is for the entire Fall 2020 term. Click on the Check Availability button to determine if the course you’re interested in is currently open for registration.

Build and Launch Your Website in 1 Day – COMP10211

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Delivered by industry leading faculty. Non-experts will gain the necessary skills required to setup a website for their small business needs. Includes setting up a shared hosting account, installing WordPress, and building a fully featured website using various plugins and themes. NOTE: You must register for a domain and shared hosting account. You will be walked through the process.

Excel Linking Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks – INFO10191

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Introduces the user to advanced features such as working with multiple worksheets and workbooks. Creating/deleting worksheets, creating a formula that links more than one worksheet and or workbook. Using Excel 2016.

Excel Pivottables and Outlines – INFO10187

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PivotTables interactively rearrange large amounts of data into different views in order to make sense of the information that you have. Use Outlines to easily group data and create totals. Using Excel 2016.

Excel Productivity with Macros – INFO10217

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Learn to automate repetitive tasks using Microsoft Excel macros feature. Reduce the number of keystrokes by using macros to speed up your production and reduce time spent on spreadsheets. Using Excel 2016.

Excel Working with Charts – INFO10190

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Learn to create a graphical view of worksheet data using Excel's Chart feature. Using Excel 2016.

Excel Working with Formulas – INFO10192

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Automate your worksheets through the use of absolute referencing, formulas, and built in functions: such as average, minimum, maximum, count date, if scenarios. Using Excel 2016.

Introduction to Excel – INFO10193

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Always wanted to know what Excel is all about? Discover the world of spreadsheets with Excel 2016.