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Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Mix of classroom and online
Effective business decisions today come as a result of interpreting large amounts of data. Data Analytics provides the specialized knowledge necessary for you to become a skilled professional essential to an employer’s business decision making process.
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Program Length ~ 2 years (click here for annual course offering schedule) 
Cost ~$425 per course + textbooks
Intakes Fall, Winter, Spring
Application Process Students must apply and be accepted prior to registering


Executive style delivery

  • Analyze and interpret digital information
  • Case studies, problem solving and analysis
  • Understand key analytical, modeling, statistical and programming tools
  • The use of business analytics systems with a focus on data identification, consolidation, communication, reporting, manipulation and trending, which are critical for decisions on strategic direction and improving operational efficiencies.

Continuing Education at Mohawk

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Online Experience

Students have free access to Microsoft Office 365, (which includes Microsoft Office 2013) Lynda, and many other technological resources described below.

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  • Prior approval for this certificate is necessary.
  • University degree or college diploma (two year or longer) including most Business programs, Computer Science, or Humanities and Social Sciences OR an acceptable combination of related work experience and postsecondary education (as determined by the college).
  • Please complete the application page and include either a copy of online course marks or a digital transcript to receive a conditional offer.
  • Original, official transcripts (in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution) must be submitted in order to receive an official, and final, offer for the program.
  • If Applicable:

    • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada, must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
    • All applicants submitting international transcripts must also provide an official and sealed credential evaluation report. This can be coordinated through any of the following:
    • An official English Language Proficiency score report outlining a minimum grade of 7 in all components.
    • Other information or documents may be requested to determine your eligibility.

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Below is the current Program of Study as of Fall 2018. Please note this same program is offered through both Full Time Studies and Continuing Education at Mohawk College.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Number Course Name Course Description
BUSN10196 Data Modelling Model operational and dimensional representations of data appropriate for addressing business requirements. Design, import, manage and publish meta data models for use with business analytics software. 54 hours.
COMP10192 Applied IBM Business Intelligence Introducing Applied IBM Business Intelligence, a new course designed to enhance your analytics skills. Explore the latest IBM Cognos Analytics (11.0.5) suite of products and underlying architecture. Build drill-through reports, animated infographics, geospatial visualizations, and executive style dashboards through hands-on demos and labs and gain the knowledge to become a report designer. Network with guest speakers, IBM partners, BI developers and administrators. 42 hours.
COMP10214 Programming Fundamentals for Business Review different types of programming languages and develop computer programming skills necessary for using applications in business settings. Examine programming logic and control structures (decisions, looping). Using JavaScript, practice coding and debugging through the application of programming techniques using mathematical operators, arrays, classes, objects, methods, and object relationships. Write and trace algorithms. Practice fundamental skills including use of HTML and the operation of web pages manipulated by JavaScript. 42 hours.
INFO10257 Database Analytics Develop an understanding of software and computer models using object-relational database management system software, relational database design including normalization and design implementation using database management systems and SQL queries. 54 hours.
INFO10258 Excel for Business Analytics Use advanced spreadsheet techniques to analyse and present business data. Spreadsheet activities that will be examined include; nested functions, linking (or connecting) data, and pivot tables. 42 hours.
STAT10001 Statistics for Business Analytics Employ foundational statistical concepts to categorize data and solve business problems. Topics will include; data organization and display, measures of variability, probability, linear regression, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing for means and proportion and confidence intervals. Use statistical software in the application of theory. 42 hours.
BUSN10140 Enterprise Analysis and Planning The foundation of Business Analysis is planning, stakeholder analysis, and structure and cultural awareness of an enterprise or business entity. Prepare for Business Analysis projects through needs analysis and business plan development using industry standard strategies such as project charter, interview and focus group techniques. 42 hours.
BUSN10197 Project Management for Business Analytics Apply the fundamentals of project management to the field of information technology. Utilize Project Management methodologies according to the Project Management Institutes PMBOK, (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Demonstrate an understanding and application of scheduling, scope, budgeting, risk assessment, critical path and resources through case studies. 70 hours.
BUSN10198 Predictive Modelling Use data from a variety of sources to develop and validate predictive models that will aid business planning with an emphasis on marketing trends. Combine and clean data from sources such as social media, customer segmentation, customer relationship management systems and market research. Prepare a model that responds to corporate needs within a specified confidence interval that can be easily used and maintained by non-technical users. 56 hours.
BUSN10199 Analytics for Decision Making Project Develop and implement a data-driven report, for a client, geared for business decision making. Develop communication, project management and requirements gathering skills using real-world or case-study data and client interactions. Setup and implement appropriate analytics software and present recommendations to an appropriate audience. 84 hours.
COMP10187 Business Analytics for Managers Understand the types and use of business data collected and identify the how and why of using it. Identify and examine legal, ethical and strategic uses of Business Practice handling of important and significant data and appropriate data analysis using case studies and individual and group assignments through in-class and virtual delivery. 42 hours.
CRED10128 Career Discovery for Analytics Professionals

Explore the Certified Analytics Professional designation and what it means to be an analytics professional. Develop connections with industry to help formulate job search strategies and investigate ongoing professional development opportunities in the field of business analytics. Identify and develop a network of online resources and communities to maintain and explore current practices in the industry. 42 hours.

Please note you must apply and be accepted into this program before registering for courses. Please see "Admission and Registration" tab for more information and to apply.

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Computer requirements Windows 7 with a minimum of 4 Gig Ram and Microsoft Office 16 (supplied free through the Office 365 student account)

Microsoft Project 2016 (Purchase through the College Webstore – student pricing applies)