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As quoted from the Association of Administration Assistants:

"For the Employee:"

  • EDUCATION: Our Association offers an accreditation attained through courses available in respected institutions of learning across Canada. This accreditation, recognized in the professional environment, can lead to greater challenges, opportunities, and financial remuneration to those who have achieved the Qualified Administrative Assistant (Q.A.A) designation.
  • PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: We sponsor a variety of enriching events and activities within our local branch communities and nationally: conferences, receptions, lunch/dinner meetings, workshops, seminars/forums, guest speaker events and fundraising campaigns.
  • LEADERSHIP: Our Association produces voluntary leadership that can make a difference in our professional environments, in our industries, and in our communities.
  • VISION: A characteristic of a true leader is the ability to mobilize toward the future. Our Association can help you visualize opportunities which lay ahead and offer the opportunity of becoming a member of an association on the leading edge.
  • YOUR INTERESTS: Our Association represents your interests before the business community and government. If your professional environment or industry faces major challenges, our Association can assist our members in providing accreditation information on salary, role of administrative assistant, etc.
  • CAMARADERIE: Our members are professional people who have many of the same concerns, needs, and interests as you. We are the kind of people you enjoy meeting. Membership gives you and your peers the opportunity to speak with a single voice on matters of importance in the workplace.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: When you are facing a problem, our Association membership can be a resource for a variety of solutions, advice, contacts, inspiration, and suggestions on a wide range of issues. Our Association provides members with the opportunity to discuss mutual problems, probe new directions, share thoughts and ideas - all with a high degree of respect, frankness and sincerity.
  • EXPERTISE: We can assist you in what you are trying to achieve. We can share information on how your peers have already accomplished their goals. Your Association is as near as the telephone or e-mail. If you need more detailed information, members can put you in touch with individuals who have the 'know-how' you require or can point you in the direction of solutions and strategies.
  • NETWORKING: Association events, meetings and information exchanges make networking a reality for you. Once of the greatest pleasures of our Association membership is participation in our Annual Meetings. Educational sessions led by successful peers as well as regionally and nationally recognized business experts are though-provoking and stimulating
  • TRAVEL: Whether it is strictly for business or educational purposes, of for a combination thereof, the Association offers you and your family the opportunity to attend Association events at the memorable destinations across Canada.
  • CREATIVITY: One of the most valuable benefits of our Association membership is the opportunity to 'listen in' on the creativity of our peers
  • NEW MEMBERS: Today's youth will become the leaders in the years ahead. Our Association membership assists in bringing this leadership to fruition - our window of opportunity to tomorrow.
  • PUBLICATIONS: Our Association offers two publications to share news, trends, research and commentary.

"For the Employer:"

  • Your ABILITY to manage people, situations, and equipment.
  • Your FLEXIBILITY to embrace new challenges in business, optics, and still young technology.
  • Your COMPATIBILITY to work as a productive member of a team.
  • Your RESOURCES to provide instant access to valuable information resources and networks.
  • Your VALUE as educated personnel committed to continued self-improvement.
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