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We are no longer accepting new students into this program. Students who are currently in progress should email cecreative [at] (CE Interdisciplinary, Media, Creative Arts and Business) for information on completing the program.

Develop the skills and knowledge you need for successful small business ownership, management or self-employment. If you are looking to develop your entrepreneurship career path or if you are an existing business owner looking for expert advice on maintaining and running your business, this program is for you! One of the main outcomes in this certificate will be the development of a complete and thorough business plan which can be used for financiers and for your own strategic business planning.

You can take just one or as many courses in the Program of Studies as you would like. If you complete all required courses from the Program of Studies, you can apply for the certificate.

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a comprehensive business plan
  • Learn to effectively manage a small business
  • Learn how to carry forward an idea within an organization
  • Know how the process of innovation
  • Experience an exceptional blend of academic content, practical training and advice enriched through contact with successful business owners, business professionals, government representatives and members of the local business community
Program Contact
CE Interdisciplinary, Media, Creative and Business

We are no longer accepting students into this program.

The program of studies displayed below applies to students starting the program in the current academic year. Students who began in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion contact Continuing Education -  Interdisciplinary, Creative, Media and Business

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A selection of courses are available each term. Courses that are currently not available for registration may be offered in the future – check back frequently.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Number Course Name Course Description
COMP10134 Computer Skills for Small Business Learn to produce business reports and communication documents, enter data into existing financial spreadsheets, communicate effectively using e-mail and browse the Web. Tender a draft business plan that will demonstrate competency and submit assignments that will become components of your written business plan. 42 hours.
COMP10135 Computer Skills for Small Business Advanced  Integrate style enhancements, diagrams, flow charts, photographs and other graphic elements to business reports and communication documents. Utilize specialized software to support a comprehensive business plan. Prerequisite: COMP10134. 42 hours.
SBMGSB101 Intro to Small Business and Entrepreneurship Learn success skills important for small business ownership. Develop understanding of the historical and political context of small business in Canada and the major financial areas of business management. 56 hours.
SBMG10018 The Generic Business Plan Develop a generic business plan using a prescribed template provided by a banking institution. Complete the business plan by expanding on its detailed components. Major modules: Comprehensive Business Plan; Financial Plan and Business Presentation. 42 hours.
SBMG10013 Managing the Small Business Study best practices and proven approaches for handling people, data, and systems in the small business. Focus on content and process skills including decision-making, presenting arguments, building teams, introducing change and leadership. 56 hours.
SBMGSB202 Operations and Legal Issues Examine various business topics including ownership models, location strategies, the home-based business, government assistance, licensing requirements, inventory planning, recruitment and selection of employees and human resource legislation. Prerequisite: SBMGSB101. 56 hours.
SBMG10023 Research and Writing Skills for Business Develop business communication skills through various assignments that require research, data analysis and suitable business writing. 42 hours.
MGMTSB102 Small Business - Financial Management Prepare for an entrepreneurial role as a general manager rather than a financial specialist. Develop a broad understanding of accounting and financial management concepts. Prerequisite: SBMGSB101. 56 hours.
SBMG10000 Small Business Marketing Skills Acquire the tools and skills necessary to develop an effective marketing plan for your small business. Prerequisite: SBMGSB101. 56 hours.

Optional Courses – Choose 1

SBMG10015 The Detailed Business Plan Learn to research, develop and present a comprehensive business plan for a business of your choice. Prerequisites: SBMGSB101, SBMG10014 or COMP10134, SBMG10016 or COMP10135, SBMG10000, SMGSB202, MGMTSB102. 56 hours.
SBMG10017 Supervisory Skills for Small Business Exposes students to the concepts and skills associated with managing people within the small to medium sized enterprise. 56 hours.
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Learning Outcomes

  • Research and produce a start-up business plan document for a specific small business.
  • Develop the marketing plan component for a specific small business plan.
  • Develop the financial plan component for a specific small business plan.
  • Develop the operations plan component for a specific small business plan.
  • Develop the human resources plan component for a specific small business plan.  Determine relevant licensing and regulatory issues for a specific small business plan.
  • Develop the customer service plan component for a specific small business plan.
  • Utilize computer technology to support small business management.
  • Present and defend business reports in a professional manner.
  • Develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development and advancement.

*This information can be helpful for your resume or for interview talking points in this field.

Industries of Employment

  • Business Ownership
  • Retail
  • Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance
  • Financial Services
  • Personal Services
  • Educational Services
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Advertising and Promotion

Occupational Categories

  • Sales Representatives
  • Small Business Owners
  • Franchisees or Franchisors