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Working in a variety of settings, career practitioners work to provide support to individuals in need of employment, career advancement and training guidance.
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Career development has become a unique specialty that continues to evolve alongside economic and labour market changes. This program will interest individuals with experience in career development who wish to enhance their skills, and those in human service areas wishing to add these competencies to their employment profile. If you currently work in Education, Human Resources, Social Services, and Career Information Centres, Recruitment Firms, Employment Agencies, Rehabilitation and Multicultural Settings, you should find this program valuable.

The Career Development Measurement and Assessment course (CREDCAR06) provides you with the credentials required to purchase assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, which is an assessment frequently used by practitioners in Ontario. Other assessments you will be able to purchase upon completion of this course are Aptitude, Ability, and Interest Assessments. You will be instructed in your course on how to purchase these assessments after successful completion of CREDCAR06.

Faculty Bios


Gabriela Covaci

Gabriela teaches both Career Development Resources and Theories of Career Development in the Career Consultant Certificate program. Gabriela has been working in education for over twenty-five years, and has over twenty years of experience in employment counseling. When she isn’t teaching, Gabriela currently works at Community Employment Services. Gabriela has both her Masters in Business Administration and her Masters in Education, as well as a Career Consultant Certificate, Counseling Certificate and is a True Color Certified Trainer.

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Heather Powell

Heather is an energetic career development practitioner with over 13 years of experience in the not-for-profit and post-secondary institutions. Heather has experience with career counselling, job development and advising students on academic opportunities including graduate school and career paths. She has been teaching course for the Career Consultant Certificate course for the past four years and has assisted with course development and revisions. Heather enjoys utilizing adult learning principles in all of her classroom sessions and loves learning from her students! She has completed a Bachelor Degree from McMaster University and Career and Work Counsellor Diploma. She is also a certified Career Development Practitioner in the province of Ontario.

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  • Learn about the Labour Market and National Occupational Codes
  • Develop your counseling skills to assist individuals to achieve their dream jobs or careers
  • Discover career development and digital resources to enhance your referrals
  • Build your tools and techniques in resume development and career counseling
  • Enhance your proficiencies and practice your individual and group facilitation skills
  • Learn new measurement and assessment tools
Program Contact
Continuing Education Community Services & Support
  • A degree or diploma in a related area is recommended.
  • You must be accepted into the program to be able to register for courses.
  • Please complete the application page and include either a copy of online course marks or a digital transcript to receive a conditional offer.
  • Original, official transcripts (in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution) must be submitted in order to receive an official, and final, offer for the program.
  • If Applicable:

    • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada, must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
    • All applicants submitting international transcripts must also provide an official and sealed credential evaluation report. This can be coordinated through any of the following:
    • An official English Language Proficiency score report outlining a minimum grade of 7 in all components.
    • Other information or documents may be requested to determine your eligibility.

The program of studies displayed below applies to students starting the program in the 2018/19 academic year. Students who began in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion contact Continuing Education - Community Services.

Click on the Course number or Course title for more information on each course.

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Mandatory Courses

Register Course number Course title Course Hours
Course description: Review, analyze and apply knowledge of ethics to various career coaching and counselling situations, using the Canadian Standard and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioner Code of Ethics.
Course description: Survey current theories of career development, with an emphasis on dominant concepts and the accompanying processes. Examine the history, current thinkers in the field, life-span development, decision-making, and adaptation to change.
Course description: Knowledge is power and in today's challenging world of work, people need timely, accurate information for making life-changing decisions. In this course, you will examine some print and electronic information sources available to guide individuals through the career decision-making and work search process. You will learn to access information using computer programs such as Choices, Career Cruising and Career Explorer and discover relevant sites.
Course description: Finding a job that's the right fit requires effective work search skills. Building on basic search strategies, this course addresses new approaches for locating and securing employment in the new economy. You will develop expertise in using tools such as skill-based resumes, behaviour description interviewing techniques and portfolio development to assist your clients to reach their job search goals.
Course description: One-to-one helping relationships with clients demand expertise in skills such as: active listening, establishing rapport, attending to non-verbal cues, open and closed questioning and goal setting. Examine the practitioner's experience during the helping relationship, ethical issues, standards of practice and making appropriate referrals.
Equivalents: COUNTC104
Course description: Introduces group facilitation skills as they relate to career development. Adult learning theory, group development, group member roles, methods of managing challenging group participants, and enhancing group facilitation with technology will be reviewed. The ways in which individual personality style relate to group facilitation practices will be addressed. Practice and demonstrate a variety of instructional techniques, methods and presentation styles.
Equivalents: COUNTC105
Course description: Examine various professional assessment instruments, their application, scoring, interpretation and limitations. Upon completion of this course there may be additional requirements needed before you have the right to purchase or use these tools. Fee includes assessment materials.
Course description: This course will provide an opportunity for the student to acquire and refine knowledge, skills and abilities concerning several aspects of change and life transitions. The student will gain an understanding of how change impacts the working population through the examination and review of selected theories and models of planned change.
Equivalents: CRED10103
Course description: Prepare yourself for advising clients with specific needs; examine barriers to employment and The Ontario Human Rights Code.

The list of scheduled course offerings for this program is below. Please note that all offerings are subject to change. Not every course is offered every semester, so please consider this schedule when planning your academic path.

Program Length Approximately 2 years
Cost ~$350 per course + textbooks
Intakes Fall, Winter, Spring
Application Process Students must apply and be accepted prior to registering. Visit the Admission & Registration tab for details.


Courses may be taken in any order.


Course Code Course Name Fall
(Sep - Dec)
(Jan - Apr)
(May - Aug)
CRED10100 Ethics in Career Consulting     eLearn
CREDCAR01 Theories of Career Development   eLearn  
CREDCAR02 Career Development Resources   eLearn  
CREDCAR03 Work Search Tools and Techniques     eLearn
CREDCAR04 Individual Helping Relationship eLearn    
CREDCAR05 Group Facilitation Skills     eLearn
CREDCAR06 Career Development Measurement and Assessment eLearn    
CREDCAR07 Socio Economic Change and Response eLearn    
CREDCAR08 Diversity in the Workplace   eLearn  


  • Develop awareness of yourself, gain greater insight into who you are and experience personal growth
  • Discover how Career Consultants/Practitioners facilitate positive changes in the lives of others
  • Learn to understand the needs of the labour market and how to direct individuals to find employment that matches their skills and abilities to the needs of the labour market and industry
  • Build your skills in assessment and measurement of career resources to better support individuals looking for employment opportunities
  • Gain core helping skills such as interviewing, assessing the needs of others, working effectively with groups, and assisting communities to change
  • Develop the ability to document, build effective case management strategies and techniques and work within government requirements for legal and ethical frameworks of program delivery
  • Understand the importance of respecting the uniqueness and dignity of all people in helping them achieve their career goals

*This information can be helpful for your resume or for interview talking points in this field.

Academic Opportunities

Pathways and Credit Transfer

View our pathways map PDF. This Pathways map shows how the identified program can lead to future program choices.

Career Opportunities

Industries of Employment:

  • Employment Ontario Services Providers/Agencies
  • Human Resource departments
  • Counselling or career counselling professions
  • Educational institutions
  • Recruitment firms
  • Social services organizations
  • Employment agencies
  • WSIB and Rehabilitation services

Did you know? 

  • In Ontario, 71% of Career Service Professionals make $40,001 - $85,000 (link)
  • Career Service Professionals with college certificates are on the rise (link)


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