Health Care Management

Acknowledgement of Completion
Nursing students

The Health Care Management Acknowledgment will provide the student with knowledge and confidence in managing Health Care Professionals. Obtain skills in planning, ethics, policies, operations and more. An excellent enhancement to a current managerial position, or as an introduction to the responsibilities associated with managing professionals within the Health Care field. 

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Continuing Education Health and Nursing
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) OR 19 years of age or older.

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Completion Requirement: 5 Courses 

Mandatory Courses:

MGMT 10145

Leadership in Health Care Administration

45 Hours

Introduces the theories and practices of effective health care leadership. Apply theory and research skills to explore and resolve organizational challenges and support strategic goals. Explore the impact of leadership on decision-making, ethics, human relations, and organizational culture. 

HLTH 10239

Health Care Policy

45 Hours

Provides an overview of the current federal and provincial policy impacting the operation and service delivery of health care in Ontario. Become familiar with the internal and external factors impacting policy decision-making and implementation.

HLTH 10237

Law and Health Care Administration

45 Hours

Introduces the current legal landscape in Canadian Health Care with emphasis on Ontario. Explore the impact of legal decisions on the provision of service delivery, labour relations, policy, and other managerial functions. Understand the role of institutional governance, accreditation, and risk management in health care.

Option Group 1- Choose 1:

HLTH 10241

Financial Practices for Health Care Organizations

42 Hours

This course will provide students with basic financial skills required to manage within a healthcare organization. Students will use analytical and critical thinking skills to solve problems typical in health care. A focus of the course will be on financial decision making in order to effectively manage organizational resources and implement strategic decisions.

HLTH 10240

Statistics for Health Care Professionals

42 Hours

Provides an overview of the techniques used to collect, analyze, and report quantitative and qualitative health care data. Use research and critical thinking skills to interpret and present data. Apply statistical analysis to support decision-making for strategic, organizational goals, and quality improvement.

Options Group 2- Choose 1:


HLTH 10251 Health Care Planning 45 Hours Understand the process of critical thinking and decision making and apply
these skills to solve management and leadership problems in health care. Use
quantitative and qualitative data to support decision making. Practice managerial
and leaderships skills that support effective problem solving.
HMNS 10138 Management of Human Resources in Health Care 45 Hours Develop the necessary skills to manage staff, create a positive organizational
culture and lead within a unionized workplace. Provides an overview of the Human Resources areas that most significantly impact a health care administrator, such as health and safety, training and development, and labour relations.
HLTH 10238 Health Care Operations 45 Hours Explore the impact of managerial decision-making on operational effectiveness. Learn typical challenges faced by line managers including operational planning, quality management and process redesign. Become familiar with the environmental factors that affect health care operations and determine the impact on organizational resources. Critical thinking and decision making processes are examined and applied to management and leadership problems in health care.

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