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Nurse in operating theatre with robotic imaging system

The next intake of new students for this program is Fall 2019

Learn to function effectively as a perioperative nurse!

Operating rooms are becoming more complex, making specialized perioperative nursing education increasingly more important. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform successfully in the operating room.

Combining theory and hands-on clinical and lab experience, this Graduate Certificate will help you learn the guiding principals and practices of working in the operating room, including aseptic techniques, sterilization, surgical intervention and more.

You do not need to apply to begin this program, simply ensure you meet the admission requirements (listed on the Admission & Registration tab) and then you may register for any available courses.

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Preclinical / Clinical Information

Students preparing for Clinical Placement should visit our Preclinical / Clinical webpage and our Clinical FAQ for details and information on the process.

Program Contact
Continuing Education Health and Nursing
  • Proof of current RN/RPN registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

You do not need to apply to begin this program. Start by ensuring you meet the admission requirements listed above and then register for the courses listed in the Program of Studies when they are offered.  Some courses have prerequisites, so please check the Program of Studies for details. Find out how to register for a course.

The program of studies displayed below applies to students starting the program in the 2018/19 academic year. Students who began in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion contact Continuing Education - Health and Nursing 

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A selection of courses are available each term. Courses that are currently not available (N/A) for registration may be offered in the future – check back frequently.


Mandatory Courses

Register Course number Course title Course Hours
Course description: This course will introduce the student to perioperative nursing management as the Circulating Nurse for patients undergoing anaesthesia in the Operating Room. Collaborating roles of the Perioperative Nurse and the Anaesthetist will be included throughout the lessons.
Credits: 3
Course description: Students are introduced to perioperative nursing principals and practices of aseptic technique, basic microbiology, sterilization, instrumentation and patient safety.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: HLTH10223
Course description: Practice skills for the scrub and circulating nurse roles in an operating room environment.
Prerequisites: HLTH10223
Course description: This program allows the student to learn the sequence of surgical intervention care during the preoperative, intraoperative, and immediate postoperative periods and the operating room principles, procedures and practice for general surgery, gynaecological surgery and genitor-urinary surgery.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: NRSG10058 and HSCINSC87
Course description: Focus on surgical terminology, specialty equipment and related anatomy for the surgical specialties: Ortho, Neuro, Plastics, Ophth, ENT, Thoracic, Vascular & Cardiac.
Prerequisites: NRSG10032
Course description: The student will continue to practice skills for the scrub nurse and circulating nurse role in an operating room environment.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: HSCI10156 and HLTH10223
Course description: Continue to practice skills for the scrub nurse and circuating nurse role in a minimal invasive surgery environment. class at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: HSCI10158 and HLTH10223
Course description: Clinical experience will provide the opportunity to apply perioperative nursing theory and laboratory experience in a full-time preceptored experience in an Operating Room Suite in a variety of surgical services.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: HSCI10184 and HLTH10223

Students are advised to register for the introductory course, HLTH10223 (health clearances), Anesthesia and Lab A FIRST and then continue onto the next courses.

Courses Fall Winter Spring
Operating Room Nursing - Intro   X     X  
Anaesthesia, Assessment & Critical Care   X     X  
O.R. Laboratory Experience A   X     X  
Operating room Principles & Practices 1        X     X
Operating room Principles & Practices 2       X     X
OR Laboratory Experience B        X     X
OR Laboratory Experience C       X     X
R.N. Operating Room Clinical   X     X     X

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