Skin, Wound and Footcare Management

Acknowledgement of Completion
Specialize your nursing skills with a foot or wound care course!
A chiropodist taking care of foot - removing hard skin with special tool

Enhance your foot and wound care knowledge in this specialized series of courses. Designed specifically for RNs and RPNs, these courses can help increase your potential to find employment or start your own business in wound or footcare management.

Led by instructors with industry expertise, all courses are interactive and combine theory and practical application.

Upon successful completion of Basic Footcare, Advanced Footcare and the Footcare field practicum, students will be awarded an Acknowledgment of Completion. To further explore the area of foot and wound care, students have the opportunity to complete the Management of Wounds workshop. 

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Specialization increases potential to find employment working as footcare nurse or independently in a footcare business.

Program Contact
Continuing Education Health and Nursing
  • Proof of current RN/RPN registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

You do not need to apply to begin this program. Start by ensuring you meet the admission requirements listed above and then register for the courses listed in the Program of Studies when they are offered.  Some courses have prerequisites, so please check the Program of Studies for details. Find out how to register for a course.

Course Number Course Name Description
Footcare Letter of Recognition
NRSGHZPAE Basic Footcare for RNs and RPNs

Two Day Workshop:

Assessment, patient teaching and non-invasive foot care, including reduction of normal nails will be demonstrated and practiced in a lab setting. Prior to workshop, learners are expected to complete independent learning module and NOT to cut toenails

NRSG10059 Advanced Footcare for RNs and RPNs

Four Day Workshop:

Focus on assessment and nursing care of high risk feet. Pathological conditions and infection control are discussed. Padding and strapping are practiced.

 Footcare Acknowledgment of Completion
Completion of the two courses above plus:
CLIN10058 Footcare Field Practicum

Benefit from the opportunity to observe and implement footcare within scope of practice to clients in a residential setting. You MUST register for HLTH10223 to complete required health clearances prior to registration.

Skin and  Wound Care  Letter of Recognition 
HSCIHS127 The Management of Wounds

Enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills in caring for complex wounds, including leg ulcers. Equivalent to L1-Canadian Assoc. of Wound Care series.

For the most current course offering, start date and fee information please see the Continuing Education catalogue

For further information on practicum courses, please see our Clinical FAQ. 

Successful completion of the Footcare Program will enable the graduate to:

  • Use specialized knowledge & skills to provide safe, competent footcare to clients
  • Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate foot care within scope of practice
  • Update and expand knowledge of footcare practices using a variety of resources and learning opportunities
  • Utilize critical thinking skills in examining footcare situations
  • Implement and promote evidence-based nursing practice through research utilization
  • Utilize principles of health education, adult learning, and the teaching-learning process to meet the learning needs of foot care clients.
  • Specialization increases potential to find employment working in some capacity as a footcare practitioner.

When you receive your final grades for all the required courses in the program, you may request your Acknowledgement of Completion. Visit our FAQ to find out how to apply.

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