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In collaboration with the Tea Association of Canada, these courses have been designed for individuals wishing to enter the distinguished world of a Tea Sommelier or for those who simply want to enhance their enjoyment of tea. Students become familiar with a variety of different teas and regions and begin to identify their distinct aroma and flavour. Cupping procedures, tasting methodology, grading standards, industry terminology are introduced through the hands-on tasting component of the courses. Developing tea menus for retail and food service settings from retail to service industries will be covered.

Upon completion of the courses, students will have the opportunity to write the competency exam through the Tea Association of Canada for certification as a Tea Sommelier.

  • Personal enrichment/growth
  • Business opportunity
  • Become well versed in all aspects of tea
  • Learn the history of tea, processing and grading standards and industry terminology
  • Hands-on tasting of different teas around the world
  • Recognize distinct aroma and flavour of various teas
  • Ability of using tea as an ingredient in cooking, baking & cocktails
  • Proper cupping techniques
  • Identify how to blend and distinguish the various teas
  • Attention to professional terminology
  • Identify the various layers of the tea industry - commodity traders, auctions, packers and retailers
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  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) OR 19 years of age or older.
  • Successful completion of Secondary School English or equivalent.

You do not need to apply to begin this program. Start by ensuring you meet the admission requirements listed above and then register for the courses listed in the Program of Studies when they are offered.  Some courses have prerequisites, so please check the Program of Studies for details. Find out how to register for a course.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Number Course Name Course Description


Introduction to Tea - Tea 101 Discover the history and origin of tea. Differentiate types of tea as well as tea grading standards used in the industry. Designed for the novice tea enthusiast seeking a career in the hospitality industry or to enhance their enjoyment of tea. The basics of tea terminology and proper cupping techniques will be covered. Product costs included in the course fee.12 hours
HOSP10020 Regions of the World - Tea 102 In the world, millions of people enjoy drinking tea. Examine in detail the principal tea-growing regions of the world. Develop a fundamental understanding of tea - its evolution and its influence on culture and world events. Students will taste and evaluate teas that are representative of each region.18 hours
HOSP10021 Tea Sensory Development - Tea 103 The science of taste and how the production of tea influences the appearance of the leaf and the overall taste are examined. Identify stages of production, proper storage, handling techniques; potential production errors and the associated impact on the tea. Develop the skills to discern major tea characteristics. The tasters' vocabulary will be covered with tasting of various products as chocolate, water, etc. 18 hours
HOSP10022 Tea Types - Tea 104 While there are more than 1500 varieties of tea available worldwide, all teas can be divided into three types - black, green and oolong. learn the types of teas produced in the wide range of regions/countries in the world. Tasting and style comparisons will be a major component of the courses. 18 hours
HOSP10023 From Bush to Cup - Tea 105 You will be introduced to advanced cultivation and processing practices used in the production of tea. Emphasis will be given to the importance and impact of various processing decisions and practices on the produced teas. This provides an essential perspective on modern tea garden management practices which are utilized in various regions currently used in world production. 18 hours
HOSP10024 Preparation, Consumption and Health - Tea 106 Many nations are expanding their tea producing acreage to meet the rising world demand for tea which is the world's most consumed beverage next to water. Discussion on the Health of Tea - what are the health benefits myths and facts. Taste and evaluate tease that are representative of each region and utilize the skills gained to prepare the perfect cup of tea. 18 hours
HOSP10025 Menu Design and Food Painting - Tea 107 Tea provides an extensive range of tastes ready to complement and enhance any cuisine. Explore the various ways of using tea as an ingredient in cooking, baking, cocktails, etc. Understand the principles behind using tea beyond its traditional uses. Learn how to pair tea with food and create the perfect tea menu.18 hours
Business of Tea - Tea 108 Learn about the various layers that make up the tea industry - commodity trader and auctions, packers and retailers. Who are they, what do they do and what are the challenges faced in each sector. 18 hours

Students are exposed to a variety of subject areas pertinent to the tea industry field which will enable them to have a good understanding of the scope of the field. The experiences had in each course provide a firm foundation from which to grow.

  • Knowledgeable tea professionals
  • Small business entrepreneur
  • Opportunities in the hospitality industry - retail and food service settings
  • Upon completion of the courses, students will have the opportunity to write the competency exam through the Tea Association of Canada for certification as a Tea Sommelier