Building Environmental Systems - BES™ Operator Class I & II

Mohawk College Certificate
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building environmental systems operator

One of the most highly recognized certifications for building operations in Canada, the Building Environmental Systems – BES™ program is designed to provide education for the efficient and safe operation and maintenance of today's complex buildings. It is recommended that applicants be employed in building operations.

The BES™ program adheres to the fundamental premise that "the building is a system" in which heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical power, lighting, water and air supply are not separate isolated systems but are connected and interdependent. Focus on the knowledge required to understand the functioning of all systems in commercial, office, institutional and residential buildings. There is also a focus on sustainability. The programs look at how buildings can be operated and maintained more efficiently.

Please note you must complete BES™ II before you can apply for BES™ I. 

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