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Formerly known as CFC/HCFC/HFC control Training Program (ENVR RE904), this program is now the Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program. Examine environmentally correct equipment design, and handling procedures for CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants. Intended for those who wish to maintain an ODP card or whose card has expired. Course manual provided.

Individuals who handle refrigerants must successfully complete training and an examination, as part of the Ozone Depleting Substances Awareness Program, under regulations of the Province of Ontario. This training is designed for individuals to obtain an Environmental Awareness Card (OPD card) or for those whose certificate has expired.

Training provided in the course deals with handling procedures for CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from fuel fired equipment. The content will enable individuals responsible for residential, commercial, domestic and mobile refrigeration applications and handling of refrigerants to comply with the regulations covering refrigerant products. 

Topics include awareness of the effect on the Ozone layer and global warming/greenhouse reduction issues from refrigerants such as refrigeration leak detection methods; system charging procedures; special maintenance, refrigeration recover; re-use, recycle and reclamation procedures, the Ontario and federal regulations.

Those who successfully complete the full one-day course will receive a renewable Ontario Ozone Depletion (ODP) Card and a nationally-registered number for refrigerant purchase. 

Environmental Awareness Certificate (Ozone Depletion Card) Renewal

Environmental Awareness (ODP) certificate holders are required to renew their certificate every five years, before the certificate's renewal date.

The recertification requirement has been replaced with a five-year renewal provision. Therefore, ODP certificate holders will only be required to update their information and renew their certificate every five years.

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Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) 
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Intended for those who wish to maintain an ODP card or whose card has expired. Course manual provided. Please click here to register.