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In today’s world, there are many new and emerging technologies impacting our lives on personal and professional levels. This series of workshops will provide introductory insight into the origins, impacts and applications of these technologies. Meet the experts working in these fields during our in-class, hands-on sessions.

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Technology and Skills Development

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (Mohawk Academic Upgrading, GED) OR 19 years of age or older.

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Course Number Course Name Course Description
AFTD10036 Drone Introduction Interested in Drones? Curious as to how drones work and how to fly one? Want to see how using a drone could help you in your business, or just for fun? Come out to our Drone Introduction workshop to see what can be done with drones, and to learn more about our RPAS courses. Instructors will demonstrate flying outside (weather permitting); students participate in basic flight control manoeuvers during indoor exercises. 6 hours.
BLDG10141 Net Zero Buildings Have you wondered what the difference is between traditional and net zero buildings? Learn the difference between the two, how net zero contributes to low carbon and obtain first hand knowledge of net zero building operations by touring Canada's first net zero institutional building, The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation at the Mohawk College Fennell Campus. 6 hours.
INFO10283 Augmented/Virtual Reality Workshop Interested in learning about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (ARVR) technology? Discover the history of the technology, the current and future applications, and how it affects industries. Explore the main companies and technologies in this space, future trends in the field, and the available career pathways. Gain a general understanding of AR/VR and discover future learning opportunities. 6 hours.
INFO10284 Blockchain Workshop What is a Blockchain and Cryptography? What are Bitcoin and Ethereum? How do distributed networks play a role (peer-to-peer protocols)? Explore the role of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains like HyperLedger, in monetary policy, healthcare, data storage and other industrial/commercial applications. Understand blockchain fundamentals, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and their current and potential applications. 6 hours.
INFO10285 Cyber Security Workshop With Cybercrime at an all-time high it is no longer an option to forgo cyber security even in a small business or at home, everyone is at risk. Focus on small business and home owners who want to learn how to better secure their home or business networks against cyber threats. Gain knowledge on cyber threats and vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. 6 hours.
INFO10286 Programming Workshop Explore the core ideas and skills a coder needs when programming on any platform with any language. Focus on the most important languages like JavaScript, C, Ruby, and Python. Discover the strengths of each languages and learn why you might choose one over another. Goals include: recognizing what is common across all of these languages; identifying what the program is doing under the hood; and making sense of the buzzwords and jargon that you cannot avoid when programming. 6 hours.
INFO10294 Build-A-Bot Workshop Learn how to assemble and program a simple roving bot. The bot will be programmed using the CircuitPython programming language that is derived from Python but is made simpler and smaller so that it works with micro-controllers. The bot can also be controlled by using a free iOS or Android app using Bluetooth communication. The app can be loaded onto your cellular phone or similar compatible device. Gain the confidence to build and program your bot during this course and take it home at the end to continue with your new skills. 6 hours.

The list of scheduled course offerings for this program is below. Please note that all offerings are subject to change. 

Course Code Course Name Fall 
(Sep to Dec)


(Jan to Apr)


(May to Aug)

AFTD10036 Drone Introduction


BLDG10141 Net Zero Buildings


Classroom Classroom
INFO10283 Augmented/Virtual Reality Workshop   Classroom Classroom
INFO10284 Blockchain Workshop MyCanvas MyCanvas MyCanvas
INFO10285 Cyber Security Workshop MyCanvas MyCanvas MyCanvas
INFO10286 Programming Workshop MyCanvas MyCanvas MyCanvas
INFO10294 Build-A-Bot Workshop   Classroom Classroom
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