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NOTE: At this time the complete program is only offered on a full-time basis. Continuing Education will be phasing in course offerings beginning Fall 2019.  See the Course Schedule tab for details on CE offerings.

Program Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of design and production of AR/VR environments
  • Deploy immersive and interactive content on all the latest AR/VR hardware like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens
  • Learn industry leading agile and product management skills to apply AR and VR solutions in gaming, engineering, aviation, education, architecture, health care and more.
  • VR Innovation Academy at Mohawk established in partnership with EON Reality - the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge transfer for industry and education - allows students to specialize in AR/VR development, coding, modeling, and animation with a focus on industrial, medical, and educational uses.

What you'll learn

  • Establish design and development skills using AR/VR technology that can be applied to industries such as gaming, engineering, airline, education, architecture, health care and more.
  • Gain experience with emerging technologies including Leap Motion, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other immersive technology.
  • Design quality realistic content including AR/VR immersive games and interactive storytelling experiences.
  • Learn how to use Photoshop, Autodesk 3Ds Max, JavaScript, EON Studio as well as Unity to model, animate, script and deploy augmented and virtual environments.
  • Build and deploy for specific uses on iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Gain knowledge and practical experience in 3D modeling, content creation, programming, and scripting for AR/VR reality.

Q&A: Virtual Reality Multimedia Production Graduate Certificate

What is AR/VR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is characterized by the incorporation of digital information including images, video and audio into real-world spaces. It blends reality with the virtual environment allowing users to interact with both physical and digital objects.

Virtual Reality (VR) enables users to step into an immersive, computer-simulated alternate world where sensory experiences can occur. Current VR technology most commonly uses either head-mounted devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or fully immersive projection screens.

Is AV/AR for me?

The ability to perform many of the cross-disciplinary functions for AR/VR and interactive digital media is dependent on being creative while also having firm understanding of the underlying technology. This program is suited to energetic and enthusiastic individuals who have both a passion to succeed and a "can do" attitude. The selected candidates will be highly motivated with an attitude for developing creative and interactive digital content. A background in computer science, engineering, gaming, visual arts, digital media, or similar is ideal but not essential.


Program Contact
Continuing Education Technology
  • Prior approval for this certificate is necessary.
  • University degree or college diploma (two year or longer) including most Business programs, Computer Science, or Humanities and Social Sciences OR an acceptable combination of related work experience and postsecondary education (as determined by the college).
  • Please complete the application page and include either a copy of online course marks or a digital transcript to receive a conditional offer.
  • Original, official transcripts (in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution) must be submitted in order to receive an official, and final, offer for the program.
  • If Applicable:

    • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada, must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
    • All applicants submitting international transcripts must also provide an official and sealed credential evaluation report. This can be coordinated through any of the following:
    • An official English Language Proficiency score report outlining a minimum grade of 7 in all components.
    • Other information or documents may be requested to determine your eligibility.

Apply Now!

The program of studies displayed below applies to students starting the program in the 2019/20 academic year. Students who begin in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion contact Continuing Education - Technology and Skills.

Click on the Course number for more information on each course, including courses marked Special Approval. 

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At this time Continuing Education is not offering the full program.  Course offerings will be phased in over time. A selection of courses are available each term. See the Course Schedule tab for details. Courses that are currently not available for registration may be offered in the future - check back frequently. 

Mandatory Courses

Course Number Course Title Course Description
ANIM10046 Introduction to 3D Modelling and Content Creation for AR/VR Create 3D content for the extended reality environment using industry standards, utilizing polygonal models, photographic texture mapping and optimization. Generate and convert animated models into interactive application formats. Create advanced animations by rigging 3D characters and objects for specialised animation types all with a focus for use in real-time rendering engine. 84 hours.
COMP10239 Introduction to AR/VR Development & Production Create virtual environments using industry standard software. Set up a production plan for extended reality projects demonstrating an understanding of the foundational elements of hardware, software, immersion, stereoscopy and interaction concepts along with agile project management principles. Demonstrate taking a 2D CAD/DCC geometry through a 3D pipeline for 3D interactive production. 56 hours.
COMP10240 AR/VR Production Development Apply the foundational elements of extended reality, including hardware, software, immersion, stereoscopy and interaction concepts, to build prototypes. Demonstrate best practice in design principles in utilizing 3D models, UI/UX, visual rendering, navigation and audio/video assets to create extended reality environments. 56 hours.
COMP10241 AR/VR on Mobile Platforms Utilizing the principles of VR/AR content creation and development, build mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms by demonstrating skill in how to script, debug and deploy applications. Develop extended reality applications specialized for the mobile platforms based on their limitations and abilities. 56 hours.
COMP10242 Advanced AR/VR Development: Programming & Scripting Combine 3D assets into a virtual environment to create a final product. Use advanced problem solving techniques to debug programs. Build convincing extended reality environments using motion tracking systems, navigation devices, steroscopy and natural interaction techniques such as video processing, voice recognition, voice control and gesture recognition. Demonstrate mastery on the professional reasons for decisions made during the development process. 84 hours.
BUSN10223 New Product Development Students will examine the success factors for new product development and the application of a range of new product processes, including Lean and Agile. Through class discussions, case studies, and small group projects, students will learn the benefits and limitations of each process to enable them to recommend their application to specific business contexts. 42 hours.
COMP10248 Entrepreneurship for Immersive Technology Develop skills, strategies and techniques for leveraging immersive technology into viable career pathways. Learn how to incorporate lean start-up methodologies, project estimation, investor pitching and business operations for turning your passion into a business. 42 hours.
MCOM10249 VR/AR Storytelling Capture the imagination of audiences and tell stories in ways that have never before been possible using augmented reality (AR) and 360 degree virtual reality (VR) environments. Create unique stories and compelling content that engage your audience in realistic and immersive experiences. 63 hours.
COMP10249 Capstone Immersive Technology Utilizing all the skills gained so far, develop an augmented, virtual or mixed reality solution to a real-life industry problem while working on an agile team. Specializing as a programmer, designer or generalist, analyze the problem, ideate and define a solution, develop and deploy the solution for the industry partner. Demonstrate competence in product management, agile development and team collaboration skills. 192 hours.

NOTE: At this time the complete program is only offered on a full-time basis. Continuing Education will be phasing in course offerings beginning Fall 2019. The list of scheduled course offerings for this program is below. Please note that all offerings are subject to change. Not every course is offered every semester, so please consider this schedule when planning your academic path.

Course Code
Course Name

Fall 2020

Coming soon!

ANIM10046 Introduction to 3D Modelling and Content Creation for AR/VR


COMP10239 Introduction to AR/VR Development & Production


COMP10240 AR/VR Production Development


COMP10241 AR/VR on Mobile Platforms


COMP10242 Advanced AR/VR Development: Programming & Scripting


BUSN10223 New Product Development


COMP10248 Entrepreneurship for Immersive Technology


MCOM10249 VR/AR Storytelling


COMP10249 Capstone Immersive Technology


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Career Opportunities

  • Mobile Development
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Product Manager
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • Game Design
  • Virtual Reality Events
  • Virtual Reality Artist
  • Interactive Designer

Industries of Employment

  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Travel
  • Journalism
  • Skilled Trades

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