Graduation and Convocation

When is Convocation?

Continuing Education Convocation takes place in October of each year.

Do I Meet the Graduation Requirements?

If you are in a Continuing Education diploma or certificate program it is your responsibility to diligently monitor your academic performance. To meet your graduation requirements, you must meet residency requirements and have an overall Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA) of 60% or higher when all your courses have been completed.

Some programs may have different requirements. Visit your program webpage for details.

Eligible students are responsible for applying to graduate by August 15. 

What if My WGPA is Lower than 60%?

If a WGPA of 60% is not achieved, then you must repeat course(s). The highest passing grade of any repeated course is used in the calculation of the WGPA for graduation.

Visit our Preparation for Convocation page for full details.