Regional GHG Inventory


Hamilton-Burlington Technical Report Cover.jpg

In 2018, the Bay Area Climate Change Office (BACCO) (a partnership between the Cities of Burlington, Hamilton and The Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College) commissioned a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory. This inventory measures the greenhouse gas emissions currently caused by everyday activities across the region – from industry emissions to transportation to waste management. It also forecasts future emissions.

Download the 2019 Hamilton-Burlington Greenhouse Gas Inventory Technical Report (122 pages).

Hamilton-Burlington Summary Report Cover.jpg

The Low-Carbon Scenario Summary: 2018 to 2050 provides an analysis of what actions will be needed to comply with Canada’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. This report demonstrates the need for widespread, collaborative action on climate change by all sectors to achieve our collective climate change mitigation goals and create a low carbon, resilient Bay Area economy.

Download the 2019 Hamilton-Burlington Low Carbon Scenarios Summary Report (16 pages).

These reports were commissioned by the Bay Area Climate Change Office. The reports were developed by Sustainability Solutions Group and whatIf? Technologies, in partnership with BACCO.

These inventories are used by both Cities and the Bay Area Climate Change Council (BACCC) to inform priority actions on climate change in the coming years