Campus Carbon Management Initiative

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Ontario colleges share a deep concern for the environment and are committed to taking action to reduce their environmental footprint. Ontario colleges know they must accept responsibility for educating, motivating, and preparing leaders of the next generation to champion our transition to a low-carbon economy.

Through the Campus Carbon Management Initiative (CCMI), the CCCM is working to support Ontario colleges in accelerating climate action, while creating more comfortable, greener learning environments across Ontario campuses.

The CCMI has created a free online toolkit, providing a variety of resources that comprehensively support colleges in reducing emissions. The toolkit is free of charge to anyone interested in resources to help guide emissions reductions. The toolkit can be accessed at

Toolkit Development

Over a three-month period, the majority of Ontario colleges and a selection of Ontario universities provided feedback on the motivators and barriers to climate action, as well as the resources they require to support reducing energy use and emissions. The results are summarized in this Findings Report (PDF).

As a result of this feedback, the completed toolkit aims to:

  • Accelerate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Promote collaboration to create a common approach to tracking, reducing, and reporting emissions.
  • Support progress towards the low carbon economy

CCMI Going Forward

To complement and build upon the toolkit, the CCMI will be offering a suite of workshops around energy efficiency and climate action beginning in the Fall of 2019.


Contact Emily Vis, Project Lead, Campus Carbon Management Initiative at 905-575-1212 ext. 3873 or emily.vis2 [at]