Collaborative Experiential Learning (CEL)

Work with tomorrow’s sustainability leaders to help solve your climate change and sustainability challenges today.

Through the Collaborative Experiential Learning (CEL) program, the CCCM is helping to nurture the minds of Mohawk College students and prepare them to learn, live and lead in a sustainable low-carbon economy.

The CEL program partners students with local businesses to work on smart, creative solutions to their greenhouse gas emission challenges and other sustainability problems - at no charge.

Prior to beginning a CEL project, students complete the “Climate Change Management for Business” course, which equips them with a basic knowledge of sustainability and climate change as it relates to the business sector, the challenges and benefits of climate management, as well as greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

To date, more than 200 students have participated in sustainability projects through this unique program in partnership with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington that benefits students, client companies and local communities.

“Universities and colleges play an important role in training and equipping Canada’s future leaders to tackle the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents.”

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

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Does your company have a sustainability-related problem or opportunity?

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