Contact Lists & Mutual Aid Agreements

Internal Contact Information

Mohawk Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Name Office Assistant OR Contact Person Phone
Dean, McKeil School of Business, Media & Entertainment 2025 Katherine Shirton
Email: katherine.shirton [at]

Amy Kelaidis - Director & Special Advisor, Indigenous Initiatives

Amy.Kelaidis [at]


Angela Zehr - Interim Chief Financial Officer

Angela.Zehr [at]

2403 Annette de Gooyer
Email: annette.degooyer [at]

Cebert Adamson – Dean, Continuing Education, Academic Quality and Centre for Teaching and Learning

cebert.adamson [at]

Alison Horton - V.P. Corporate Services
Alison.Horton [at]
2068 Trisha Simon
Email: trisha.simon [at]
David Santi - Dean of Engineering Technology 3281    

Frederic Nickner - Registrar

frederic.nickner [at]

Gina Funicelli - Dean, Applied Research
gina.funicelli [at]
3101 Laura Graham
Email: laura.graham1 [at]
Hillary Dawson - Head, Public Affairs and Special Advisor, Office of the President
hillary.dawson [at]

Jay Robb - Director, Communications

jay.robb [at]

Jim Vanderveken - Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies
jim.vanderveken [at]
2303 Muzeria Nuredini
Email: muzeria.nuredini [at]
Karen Pashleigh - Chief Human Resources and Organizational Development Officer
karen.pashleigh [at]
2334 Candice Smith
Email: candice.smith [at]
Katie Burrows - Acting Director, Office of the President
katie.burrrows [at]
3350 Kelly Franck-Steeves
Email: kelly.franck [at]
Keith Monrose - Dean, International & Partnerships
keith.monrose [at]
Kim Watkins - Interim Chief Information Officer
kim.watkins [at]
2296 Conny Smith
Email: conny.smith [at]

Lori Koziol - Dean, Health Sciences

lori.koziol [at]

Lori Morgan - Chief Marketing & Recruitment Officer
lori.morgan [at]
3571 Lisa Fitzpatrick
Email: lisa.fitzpatrick [at]

Maxine Carter - Director and Special Advisor, Equity & Social Inclusion

maxine.carter2 [at]

2255 Paula Golding
Email: paula.golding [at]
Neil McMahon - Dean, Community and Urban Studies
neil.mcmahon [at]
2018 Malorie Valade
Email: malorie.valade [at]

Paul Armstrong - V.P. Academic

paul.armstrong [at]

3605 Aferdita Nuredini
Email: aferdita.nuredini [at]
Rochelle Reid - Director, Service Operations & David Braley Athleticsand Rec. Centre
rochelle.reid [at]
Ron McKerlie - President
ron.mckerlie [at]
2222 Cindy Merifield
Email: cindy.merifield [at]

Rose Zhang - Internal Auditor

rose.zhang [at]


Tim Fricker- Dean, Students

tim.fricker [at]

2116 Paula Golding
Email: paula.golding [at]
Tom Ferns - General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
tom.ferns [at]
2189 Amanda Silver
Email: amanda.silver [at]
Tony Cupido - Chief Building & Facilities Officer
tony.cupido [at]
2243 Lauren O'Hare
Email: lauren.ohare [at]

Troy Heath - Chief Business Development and Ancillary Services

troy.heath [at]

2082 Samantha Woods
Email: samantha.woods [at]
Wayne Ostermaier - Dean, Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship
wayne.ostermaier [at]
Wayne Poirier - V.P. Student & Alumni Services
wayne.poirier [at]
3174 Stephanie Pickett
Email: stephanie.pickett [at]


External Contact Information

Name of Contact /Organization Role within Organization Contact Information
City of Hamilton Fred Eisenberger
Mayor / Chair, Board of Health

Office: 905-546-4200

Email: mayor [at]

Twitter: @FredEisenberger

Amanda Kinnaird

Communications/Mayor’s Office

Office: 905-546-4225
Email: Amanda.kinnaird [at]

Chris Murray

City Manager

Office: 905-546-2489

Email: citymanager [at]

Public Works Department Including HSR Transit 905-546-CITY (2489)
Emergency After Hours Service 905-546-2489
John Hertel
Director, Communications for City of Hamilton
905-546-2424 X4970

Councillor Terry Whitehead

(Ward 8: Fennell Campus) Staff: Colleen Wicken

Office: 905-546-2712
Email: Terry.whitehead [at]

Office: 905-546-2779 Email: Colleen.Wicken [at]

Twitter: @terrywhitehead

Councillor Maria Pearson
(Ward 10: Stoney Creek Campus)
Office: 905-546-2701 Email: Maria.pearson [at]

Councillor Aidan Johnson

(Ward 1: IAHS Campus)

Office: 905-546-2416 Email: Aidan.johnson [at]

Twitter: @aidan_johnson

Hamilton Police Service General Line 905-546-4925
Email: info [at]
Hamilton Public Health Dr. Elizabeth Richardson Medical Officer of Health Office: 905-546-2424 X3502
MPPs (Province) Monique Taylor
MPP, Hamilton Mountain (Fennell Campus)

Office: 905-388-9734
Email: mtaylor-co [at]

Twitter: @MTaylorNDP

Paul Miller
MPP, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek (Stoney Creek Campus)

Office: 905-545-0114

Email: pmiller-co [at]

Twitter: @PaulMillerMPP

Sandy Shaw,
MPP, Hamilton-West – Ancaster –Dundas

Office: 905-978-7429

Email: [at]

Ministry of Labour

WSIB Hamilton

Report critical injuries/fatalities

Report critical injuries/fatalities



Ministry of the Environment
Spills Action Centre

To report spills of pollutants

To report spills of pollutants



Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) Audie McCarthy President & CEO

Office: 905-575-2525

Cell: 905-541-3350

Email: AMcCarthy [at]

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) Greg Orencsak Deputy Minister

Office: 416-314-9244

Email: greg.orencsak [at]

McMaster University Dr. Patrick Deane President Office: 905-525-9140 X 24340 Email: president [at]
Glenn De Caire
Director, Security & Parking Services

Office: 905-525-9140 X 26060

Email: decaireg [at]

Cell: 905.979.1838

Gord Arbeau

Director, Communications

Office: 905-525-9140 X27305

Cell: 905-512-2075

Email: arbeau [at]


Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) Marc Ayotte
Head of College
Office: 905-389-1367

Chris Kwiecien

Director Operations

Office 905-389-1367 Ext 133

Cell: 905-961-5003
Email: Chris.kwiecien [at]

Cameron Playfair

Facilities Manager

Office 905-389-1367 Ext 104

Cell: 905-961-4983

HCS General

Main Reception: 905-389-1367

After hours security: 905-961-4977

St. Joseph’s Health System

President & CEO

Assistant: Diane Martin

Office: 905-522-1155 X33419

Office: 905-522-1155 X33418

Email: dmartin [at]

Anges Bongers

Director, Public Affairs

Office: 905-522-1155 X 33549

Email: abongers [at]

Canadian Red Cross – Hamilton Branch Provides assistance with lodging,reception, lodging, food and clothing, personal services, family reunification. Office: 905-522-8985
United Way of Burlington and Hamilton Jeff Vallentin
Chief Executive Officer

Office: 905-527-4543

Email: jvallentin [at]

Samaritan’s Purse Canada To assist with disaster recovery

Office: 1-800-663-6500

Email: info [at]

Colleges Ontario

Linda Franklin

President & CEO

OCAS 24-Hour IT Help Desk

Email: ITS_Support [at]

Email: Mohawkteam [at]


Mutual Aid Agreements

Organizational Partner Subject of Agreement Agreement Last Updated Location of Agreement
McMaster University IAHS – Emergency Response May 2017 (TBC) General Counsel’s Office
Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) Residence evacuation to HSC December 2016 General Counsel’s Office
HSC evacuation to Mohawk College TBC – Currently in Draft Form General Counsel’s Office
Niagara College Reciprocal Alternate Site Location MOU DRAFT January 2017 General Counsel’s Office