Campus Access

Beginning in September all Mohawk College campuses will be open to students and employees with current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and physical distancing requirements in place. Access to campus buildings will be limited to specific entrances at each campus, and students and employees will be required to complete a health screening questionnaire, each day they are coming to campus.

Mohawk College is looking forward to welcoming more students and employees back to campus this September. Here you will find information on the health protocols that have been put in place for all Mohawk College campuses and learning hubs, including information on current safety protocols, daily health screening checks, and information on parking and campus services.

Please note that the protocols and information shared on this page are based on current information and can change at any time. Mohawk continues to take direction from Public Health authorities and will update the college community if anything changes.

Students and employees are urged to check this site often as information may change on short notice.

Questions or comments? Contact us at questions [at]

On this page:

*Important Information for Students (International and Canadian) Arriving from Outside Canada

Please refer to the Entering Canada website for updated information on all travel and quarantine requirements and the steps you are required to take prior to your travel or re-entry into Canada.


Mandatory Daily Health Screening

At the recommendation of Public Health, Mohawk will continue to implement an enhanced, mandatory health screening at all campuses.

To gain access to campus you must complete the daily screening questionnaire, each day you are coming to campus. This questionnaire is available on the Mohawk Safety App under the COVID-19 section.

Important! When completing the questionnaire via the app please do not forget to enter the correct student and/or employee number into the app on first use. The number is required in order for the system to validate your response and allow you access to the campus upon arrival. The number only needs to be added once and will then be available for future use. If you have used the app to complete the questionnaire in the past, you will need to enter your student/employee number as this was not previously required.

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be able to access the campus by tapping your ONE card at any of the designated entry points using the identified Fast Lane check-in points. Students without a ONE card will still be able to access the campus but will be required to complete the health screening with a member of the security team at the designated entry point. Please allow extra time to complete the screening process.

If you do not pass the health screening or if you are experiencing any symptoms, do not come to campus. We must all keep the health and safety of fellow students and employees in mind.

Health Screening Questions

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms that are not due to another health condition?

  1. Fever chills cough or shortness of breath that is new or worsening?
  2. Sore throat, difficulty swallowing, a stuffy or runny nose not related to seasonal allergies?
  3. A persistent headache or loss of smell or taste?
  4. Muscle aches or extreme tiredness that is unusual?
  5. In the last 14 days, have you been in close physical contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 (unless you have spoken with public health and have clearance to be on campus)?Close physical contact means:
    • being less than 2 metres away in the same room, classroom, workspace, or area without masks or other PPE
    • living in the same home
    • received a COVID Alert exposure notification
  6. Has a doctor, health care provider, Public Health unit, or Mohawk Student Wellness told you that you should be currently isolating (staying at home)?
  7. Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
    • This does not include essential workers who cross the Canada-US border regularly.

If you answer YES to ANY of the above screening questions, you will not be allowed entry to the campus. If you fail the screening, you are advised to complete the provincial self-assessment and follow the recommendations by going to the Ontario Government Covid-19 Self- Assessment Website.

If you answer NO to all the to the above questions, you are considered to have passed the screening and will be allowed access.


Employees, Contractors & Visitors – How to request access to campus

Employee Access to the campus to PICK UP items (not curbside):

All employees may request temporary access (20 minutes escorted) to retrieve items or equipment from offices. These requests will be processed through your Senior Leadership Team member for approval and asset tracking. Requests are to be submitted electronically using Request Access Eply and takes about 2 to 3 days to process. You will be advised of the entry processes once your appointment is approved.

Employee Access to the campus for Temporary Short Term work:

Employees who are required to attend campus temporarily, for essential work in their office or lab are to submit a request using the following link: Request for Access to Mohawk College: Temporary Work Eply. This process includes a review by Occupational Health and Safety who will complete a Hazard Risk Assessment on the work being proposed. Your Senior Leadership Team member will then review the request to determine if it is deemed essential under the provincial guidelines. This process takes up to a week to complete.

Employee Access to the campus for Regular/Reoccurring work:

Any employee that is required to work on campus for academic teaching or other essential on-campus work will be added to the Standing Access list with Security by their Vice President or Senior Leadership Team Member. A Hazard Risk Assessment will be completed before the request is approved. This list is updated each term.

Contractor Access to the campus:

Any contractor who has an active Purchase Order with the college may attend the college to complete essential work. Prior to the work being completed, each Contractor will need to review and sign Mohawk’s COVID-19 Protocols. Once the protocol is signed, the contractor can then be added to the list by emailing the Director of Security. Please see the attached COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Contractors (PDF, 90kb).

External Visitors Access to the campus:  (Guest Speakers etc.)

Employees who wish to invite an external guest to the college are to submit an electronic request using the following link: Request for Access to Mohawk College: External Visitors Eply. Included in this process is a requirement for the guest to complete the Return to Campus Training and also a Hazard Risk Assessment to be completed on the activity. This process may take up to a week for processing.


Procedure to Enter Campus

Upon entering a campus building, you will pass through a Mohawk Security Screening Desk.

Please complete the Health Screening Questionnaire on the Mohawk Safety App each day you are scheduled to come to campus.

Please put on your mask/face covering before entering the building. Please see the Health Protocols for more information on mask requirements.

Clean your hands using the sanitizer provided.

Employees and students who come to campus must use their ONE Card to access campus. Your ONE card will be used to confirm that you have completed the daily health screening questionnaire.

You will receive a wristband once you complete the screening protocol with security. With this wristband you are free to enter and exit the campus as required for that day.

Fast Lanes – NEW!

Employees and students with ONE Cards who have completed the daily health screening using the Mohawk Security App will be able to access the campus through designated Fast Lanes at each entrance. A green light indicates the successful completion of the questionnaire. A red light indicates that the screening has not been completed successfully and must be completed with the security team member prior to entering the building. Anyone who does not have ONE Card will be required to stop at the security desk to complete the health screening questionnaire with a member of the security team before being allowed to enter the campus.

Important! When completing the questionnaire via the app please do not forget to enter the correct student and/or employee number into the app on first use. The number is required in order for the system to validate your response and allow you access to the campus upon arrival. The number only needs to be added once and will then be available for future use. If you have used the app to complete the questionnaire in the past, you will need to enter your student/employee number as this was not previously required.


Transportation and Parking


Paid parking will return to Mohawk College on September 1, 2021.

Beginning September 1, 2021, all employees and students who will be coming to the Fennell, Stoney Creek campuses, and the Centre for Aviation Technology at the Hamilton Airport, will be required to purchase parking.

With many students continuing to study through a mix of in-class and virtual and remote learning, the Parking Office will be offering expanded and flexible parking permit options to accommodate a variety of parking needs.

Students will need to purchase parking permits if they will be coming to campus on or after September 1. Permits can be purchased online on the Parking website.

In addition to parking, campus is accessible by public transit and active transportation like cycling, walking, and rolling. For updates on these services and links to COVID-19 safety information for carpooling, ridesharing and transit, visit the Transit section of the Campus Access website.

Flexible permit options are available through the Honk Parking App.

Flexible parking permits will be available for purchase through the HONK parking app. Flex Passes are pre-purchased passes that are validated at the time of parking. Passes can be purchased in blocks of 5 or 10, and are valid for use within the academic semester they are purchased in. Please note that if you choose this option you must activate the permit via the Honk App when you arrive on campus.

Paid Parking is required at the Mohawk Centre for Aviation Technology.

Beginning September 1, 2021 paid parking will be enforced at the Mohawk Centre for Aviation Technology at the Hamilton Airport. Students and employees will be required to purchase a permit online. You will then be sent a physical permit that must be displayed in your vehicle. The physical permit only needs to be displayed while parking at the Centre for Aviation Technology.

Parking at the IAHS Campus at McMaster University.

Parking at the IAHS is managed by McMaster University. For information about parking at the McMaster University campus visit McMaster Parking.

If you have any questions regarding parking, please contact Parking Services by email @ parking [at]

Parking information for IAHS employees

Monthly parking at the IAHS campus at McMaster will remain at no charge until August 31st 2021. Monthly parking fees will restart on Sept 1 2021. Sales for fall monthly permits will begin July 15 2021.

Flexible parking pass options to accommodate new or increasing levels of in-person activities on campus will be available this fall including a part time permit.

Part Time Permit

On a temporary basis (from September 2021 to December 2021), a part time permit option will be offered.

It is suitable for those working hybrid schedules of some remote and some on site shifts.

  • It will be valid for 10 visits in a calendar month.
  • Each sequence of in/out on campus will be deducted as one visit from your transponder i.e. if you leave mid-day to go out for lunch you would have 2 visits deducted that day.
  • There will be no refunds available for unused visits.

For parking rates refer to the McMaster Parking website.

Inter-zone Hours

Changes to inter-zone hours will be made on Sept 1 2021. For the fall term, staff and faculty with a monthly permit will have the following access:

  • 24/7 access to Underground Stadium and Lot H. Ward Ave Permits will also have 24/7 access to Lots NP.
  • Access after 12:30 pm to Lots B, C, D, G and Q.
  • No access to all other lots.

Shuttle Bus - West Campus (applicable to Lots N/P and Ward permit holders)

Shuttle bus hours in the fall will be 6:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday

What IAHS employees need to do:

Please email parking [at] by August 7 2021 to let us know whether you intend to resume parking for Fall 2021. We can also be reached by phone at 905 525 9140 extension 24232 for assistance.


HSR Bus Pass

The student HSR U-Pass fee is being reinstated for the Fall 2021 semester.

Until the fee is reinstated, if you require access to local transit, you can load funds onto your PRESTO card for individual rides or monthly passes. This can be done online at or at any of the PRESTO Customer Service locations within Hamilton.

Use the HSRNow trip planner to plan your route to campus.

See COVID-19 related service and safety updates from HSR.

See COVID-19 related FAQs for Transit Customers from HSR.

GO Transit

Use the GO Transit trip planner to plan your route into Hamilton.

See COVID-19 related safety updates from GO Transit.

Cycling and Walking

Secure Bike Parking Facility

The secure bike parking facility is open for the fall semester and a sanitizing station has been provided. Unenclosed bike racks are also available - please follow all public health guidelines when locking and removing bikes from the racks.

The Secure Bike Parking Facility is found on Fennell campus, between the P3 Short-Term Parking Lot and the B-Wing. To activate your free bike parking membership, register via the digital form: Secure Bike Parking Request Form.

There are 2 self-service bike repair stations at Fennell Campus that will help ensure your cycling commute to Mohawk is a safe one.

Bike Loan Program

The bike loan program through the Mohawk Library is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Hamilton Bike Share offers a network of bikes for loan that are available throughout central and west Hamilton. For a fee, Hamilton Bike Share bikes can be picked up and dropped off to any of the designated locations around the city. New Hope Community Bikes offers refurbished bikes for sale.

Community Resources

Visit the City of Hamilton cycling page for route maps and other information.

The Keddy Access Trail is a 2.7-kilometer lane that spans between Hunter Street and West 5th that is accessible and safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Mountain Climber Program allows cyclists to take the HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free at certain locations.

There are 5 sets of escarpment stairs in the City of Hamilton that allow pedestrians and cyclists a safe and effective way to climb the escarpment.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Mohawk has 16 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses. Charging is free for parking permit holders. Electric vehicle charging stations remain available for use. Charging is allowed up to 4 hours daily per vehicle. Please follow all public health guidelines when using the stations.


Due to COVID-19, Zipcar is not currently offering its car-sharing vehicles at Fennell Campus. Zipcar is still available in other areas of the city for use by the Mohawk College community. Learn more and sign up.


Designated Entrances

To ensure the health and safety of everyone on campus a small number of entrances have been designated for each campus. Mohawk College Security will have Health Screening Checkpoints established at these entrances.

Fennell Campus

Students and employees can enter via:

  1. The entrance nearest to the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre (exit 23, across from the short-term parking lot).
  2. The entrance to C-Wing from the traffic loop closest to West 5th Street and the bus terminal.
  3. The entrance to F-Wing (exit 37) from the south east corner of the MSA Plaza.
  4. The entrance to G-Wing (exit 47) Mohawk Student Association centre) under the pedestrian bridge from the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre.

See Fennell Campus map for location (PDF, 291kb).

Stoney Creek Campus

Students and employees can enter via:

  1. The main entrance (Atrium) from the traffic loop off Barton Street.
  2. C-Wing (exit 29) entrance on West side of campus.
  3. For the Centrum and Leaside buildings use the shed screening desk that will be located outside of the Centrum building (Exit 1).

See Stoney Creek Campus map for location (PDF, 200kb).

Airport Learning Hub

Students and employees coming to the Airport Learning Hub will be screened by Mohawk Security upon entering the building at the main entrance.

See Airport Learning Hub map for location.


    Health Protocols

    Requirements for face masks and face shields

    Beginning Friday, March 26, Mohawk College changed the requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to include the use of college-supplied face masks and face shields. These changes to PPE requirements are based on the recommendation of Public Health officials in response to the increase in the number of cases involving the COVID-19 variants of concern being reported in our community. The PPE changes being implemented offer an additional layer of protection against these variants and will help to minimize disruption to face-to-face learning on campus.

    Disposable face masks

    Anyone coming to a Mohawk College campus this spring and summer will be required to wear a college-supplied face mask at all times while on campus. The masks will be available at the security check-in desks and must be worn while on campus. You may request a new mask at any time. Please continue to wear your own mask while travelling to and from the college.

    Face shields

    In addition to wearing a face mask, all students, employees and visitors to campus will be required to wear a face shield while in classrooms and labs. The requirement also extends to any space where it is not always possible to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet). While the college encourages the use of face shields in addition to wearing a face mask at all times while on campus, they are not mandatory in spaces where physical distancing can be maintained such as hallways and common areas. They are mandatory in all classrooms and labs, regardless of the physical distancing in place.
    Please refer to the Health Protocols section of our website for information on how to safely put on and remove face masks and other required PPE.
    If you are coming to campus, Mohawk College will provide you with your first face shield free of charge. The face shields will be distributed at a location near the security check-in desks at each campus. If you lose the face shield that has been provided to you, you will receive a replacement, the cost of which will be charged to your account. Students and employees in programs that are required to wear impact-resistant face shields due to occupational health and safety requirements will be provided with PPE that meets these requirements.

    As of July 20, 2020, the wearing of a mask or face covering in an enclosed premise is required within the City of Hamilton. The mask or face covering must cover your nose, mouth and chin, without gapping. For more information, please refer to This includes hallways, elevators, lobbies, classrooms, washrooms and other common use areas. Wearing a mask is not an alternative to physical distancing. Every effort should be made to keep a 6 foot or 2-metre distance even when wearing a mask. A face covering or mask is not required in areas such as a private office, or if you are within or behind a physical barrier. You may also temporarily remove a face covering or mask where necessary for the purpose of eating or drinking.

    With the exception of programs where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be required, Mohawk College will not be providing masks to students or employees.

    Accommodation will be provided to people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, and those who require accommodations in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. If you require accommodation exemption with respect to wearing a mask, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (Equity and Inclusion).

    Please be respectful of those who cannot wear a mask by maintaining the minimum 6 feet or 2 metre distance from these individuals.

    If you require accommodation with wearing a mask, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (Equity and Inclusion).

    For more information on the dos and don'ts of mask wearing, please view this poster from the Government of Ontario.

    How to make your own reusable face mask

    Reusable masks can be made from everyday materials such as old t-shirts, towels or pillowcases. Your mask must fit snugly over your nose and mouth and must contain at least 2 layers of fabric.

    Here is the resource for how to make your own face mask:


    How to put on and remove your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    The following resources provide guidance on proper donning (putting on) and doffing (removal) procedures for personal protective equipment (PPE).


    Masks should NOT be placed on anyone who has difficulty breathing or is not able to remove the mask without assistance. If you have any questions or concerns about mask wearing on campus, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (Equity and Inclusion).

    Maintain physical distancing

    Everyone on campus will be expected to respect physical distancing measures by maintaining a safe distance (2 meters or six feet) from others.

    To enhance your safety, please follow Public Health direction and frequently wash your hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer provided.

    What to do if you develop symptoms while on campus

    If you are a student and begin to feel ill, please notify your faculty member.

    If you are an employee, please notify your supervisor.

    Go home and contact your healthcare provider and follow their directions.

    What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 test or have symptoms consistent with the virus

    *Important Information for Students (International and Canadian) Arriving from Outside Canada
    All international students travelling to Mohawk College from outside of Canada are required to self-isolate for a period of 14-days. Also, any other students returning to Canada within 14-days of the start date of their program must also complete a 14-day self-isolation period. These rules apply after any subsequent international travel for as long as the self-isolation requirement remains a directive of the Government of Canada.

    Where Mohawk College becomes aware of any compliance issues within the 14-day mandatory self-isolation period; and/or any cases of COVID-19 infection during the 14-day mandatory quarantine period, we will coordinate with Public Health Authorities and other local authorities where necessary.

    Self-disclosure of confirmed/suspected COVID-19 illness for employees and students

    Consistent with the Health Risk to College Procedure, Mohawk College is asking that students and employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have had symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 complete this online COVID-19 Self Disclosure Form so that we can help reduce the spread of the virus. Mohawk College will not mandate this request.

    Once you have submitted the form, one of our team members from Student Wellness or Human Resources will follow up with you directly. You can expect questions about how long you have had symptoms, which part of the campus was visited and who you were in contact with during the time of feeling ill, in addition to 14 days prior.

    Sharing this information will help us to set plans to help reduce the risk of infection for you and others. No personal information or names will be shared with others. Mohawk College will work with local Public Health to determine next steps including possibly notifying everyone that has been in contact with “an individual” while at Mohawk College so that others can decide if they should self-monitor or seek medical attention.

    If you have any questions, or want to learn more about COVID-19 in Ontario, here are some Important Public Health links for you:

    Failure to Comply with Protocols

    Failure by students or employees to follow these protocols may result in a formal review by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SRRO) or Human Resources, respectively. Students who do not comply may lose the privilege of attending campus and employees will be managed by their supervisors.

    If you require accommodation with wearing a mask, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (Equity and Inclusion).


    Campus Services

    All in-person Student Service locations are closed but services are fully available online.

    Mohawk Student Association (MSA)

    The MSA will not be available on campus, but still have resources, services, and events available online. Check the MSA website for the most up-to-date information.

    Food services

    There will be limited Food Services available at the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses for the Winter semester. For a complete list of locations including hours of operation visit:

    Vending machines snacks and beverages will also be available at various locations.

    IAHS (Institute for Applied Health Sciences) campus at McMaster University

    The IAHS Cafe within the IAHS Building will be closed for the Winter Semester. For food options at McMaster University, please visit their Hospitality page at


    Washrooms will be open with measures in place to maintain physical distancing.

    Common areas

    All common areas will be closed and not available for use.

    This includes all on-campus non-denominational rooms of prayer and reflection as these spaces do not allow for adequate physical distancing. If you require accommodation with respect to these services, please contact equityandinclusion [at] (Equity and Inclusion).

    Water fountains

    Water fountains/water bottle filling stations will be available for students and employees to use at their own risk.

    ONE Cards

    Students with in-person program requirements and employees who are required to be on campus must use their ONE Card to access campus. The ONE card will confirm that you are approved to be on campus. When you tap your ONE card at the security desk you are also confirming that you have completed and passed the Daily Health Screening questionnaire. Students and employees who are new to the college and need a ONE Card must submit a photo online. If you are a returning student or employee who needs to replace your ONE Card, submit the ONE Card Replacement Request Form online. Once you have submitted your request you will be contacted to arrange curb-side pickup of the new card. Questions? Please onecard [at] (email the One Card office).

    Continuing Education (CE) students who are attending classes on campus are also required to have a special Mohawk College Access Card. The CE program area will arrange to distribute Access Cards to students on the first day of their on campus class. Please bring photo ID for campus access for the first class.

    Locker Rentals

    Lockers at the Fennell & Stoney Creek campus are available for rent for those students with labs and in person classes starting Tuesday, September 8, at 9:00 am.
    Locker Rental instructions


    The Mohawk Residence at the Fennell campus is offering accommodations to enrolled for the 2020-2021 academic year. For more information, and to request accommodations, please visit the Mohawk Residence webpage.


    Cleaning Protocols

    Mohawk College has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for all campuses.

    We are asking all students and faculty to wipe down their individual stations and equipment. This is an extra precaution to ensure the safety of the user.