Entering Campus Checklist

For students who are required to attend campus to complete in-person classes, labs and shops you are required to complete the following steps.

Before your first visit to campus make sure you:

  1. Download the Mohawk Safety App.
  2. Provide proof of your Covid-19 vaccination or request an exemption. Your proof of vaccination (and requests for exemption) MUST be submitted before you come to campus. You will not be able to do this in person when you arrive. If you do not submit your proof of vaccination ahead of time you will be denied access to campus. Find out how to provide proof of vaccination on our website.

    Please allow a minimum of 3 days (incl. the Labour Day weekend) for your proof of vaccination to be approved.
  3. Obtain your Mohawk OneCard (Student ID Card).
    • Semester 1 students who have selected their timetable must submit a photo online to obtain their ONE card.
    • Returning students who need to replace their ONE Card, submit the ONE Card Replacement Request Form. Once you have submitted your request you will be contacted to arrange pickup of the new card.
    • Questions? Please email the ONE Card office.
  4. Confirm which Designated Entrance you will use to access the campus.
  5. Plan your transportation to campus:
  6. Use the digital Fennell and Stoney Creek Campus maps to navigate campus and locate your classrooms, labs and available service areas.

Daily access to campus requirements

Daily Access to Campus Requirements – What you need to know and what you need to do each day you come to campus.

  1. Complete the Health Screening Questionnaire found on the Mohawk Safety App each day you are coming to campus.
    • The screening results will be available within the app and you will need to show this to Security each time you enter the campus.
    • Using the app to complete the daily screening is the fastest and easiest way to access the campus.
    • If you cannot use the app you may complete the screening in-person with Security but this may delay your entry to the campus.
  2. Bring your ONE card with you to campus. You will need to tap your ONE card at the entrance to confirm your vaccination status each time you enter the campus.
    • Using the ONE card to confirm your vaccination status is the fastest and easiest way to access the campus.
    • Don’t have a ONE card yet?
      • If you do not have a ONE card you can show Security your Approved vaccine status within the Mohawk Safety App, or  . . .
      • You can show Security the email you received that confirms your vaccination status.
  3. You will be required to wear a college-supplied face mask at all times while on campus. The masks will be available at the Security check-in desks and must be worn while on campus. You may request a new mask at any time. Please continue to wear your own mask while travelling to and from the college.