Mohawk Safety Plan

How we’re ensuring workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19

  • Restricting building access to only essential individuals
  • Individuals on campus are required to complete screening daily
  • Ensuring all employees know to stay home if they have COVID-19 symptoms that are new, getting worse or unexplained
  • Providing COVID-19 training for Mohawk College students and employees on how to reduce the risk of infection and what do if they feel unwell
  • Maintaining and updating the COVID-19 website and ensuring it aligns with current public health guidelines and recommendations
  • Implementing policies and procedures for COVID-19 safety measures, where appropriate, to ensure compliance with public health guidelines and government orders
  • Communicating important updates to the Mohawk College community via email, website, and social media channels

How we’re screening for COVID-19

  • By having all Mohawk College students and employees and visitors complete a screening questionnaire daily prior to entering campus
  • Having controlled access points at all of our campuses

Physical distancing and separation

  • Limiting the number of students and employees allowed through the transition to remote learning and working where possible
  • All areas have signage throughout that address physical distancing requirements
  • COVID-19 prevention plan are posted in each of the academic spaces that outlines the required safety protocols for on campus activities in the corresponding space
  • Anyone coming to a Mohawk College campus are required to wear a college-supplied facemask at all times while on campus
  • All students, employees and visitors to campus are required to wear a face shield while in classrooms and labs


  • Frequent enhanced cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and objects
  • Ensure an adequate supply of liquid soap, paper towel, hand sanitizer, tissues, and waste receptacles throughout our campuses
  • Ensure equipment and tools that must be shared are cleaned and disinfected regularly, including between users

What we will do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19 at our workplace

Mohawk College asks that students and employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have had symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 to complete the online COVID-19 Self Disclosure Form . All personal health information will be protected as required under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

How we’re managing any new risks caused by the changes made to the way we operate our business

The Mohawk College Health & Safety Team along with Student Wellness monitor and review Ministry of Health and other applicable regional health guidance daily to ensure protocols are up to date. They flag any new risks for discussion with the Mohawk College’s Incident Command Group. Safety plans are keep up to date. Changes to procedures or protocols are communicated to all students and employees.

How we’re making sure our plan is working

  • The Mohawk College Health & Safety Team will conduct daily compliance checks that are occurring at each of our campuses
  • Results of the compliance checks are shared with College leadership so that corrective actions can be identified and implemented