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CareerReady is Mohawk College's portal where you can view co-op opportunities as well as full time, part-time, and seasonal jobs. From this site you can also book an appointment for individual help with your resume, cover letter and interview skills, view workshops and employment related events.

CareerReady also provides a listing of Co-Curricular Record (CCR) activities you can participate in to create an authenticated record of your volunteerism and leadership while attending the college. This system records and validates your activities and creates an authenticated record to complement your college credentials.

If you are a Continuing Education student you can access CareerReady by selecting Portal User at the sign in and completing the Portal User Registration section and you will be granted access within 24 hours.

Start your career search with CareerReady

Students and Graduates

Access CareerReady to:

  • Book an appointment for resume, cover letter, and job search assistance
  • Search for full time, part time, seasonal and co-op jobs
  • View and register for upcoming workshops and employment related events

Co-op Students

Access Career Ready to:

  • Track applications and view job statuses as you apply for co-op positions
  • Manage your resume and application documents
  • Confirm your co-op interviews

Co-Curricular Activities

Provides students with a tool to help identify, evaluate, and reflect on learning that occurred as a result of participation in co-curricular activities. The  portal allows for increased ability to showcase areas of involvement and unique skills; track volunteer hours and official co-curricular record.

What is the Co-Curricular Record?

Mohawk's Co-Curricular Record is a program that allows you to showcase the abilities and skills you have gained through your co-curricular activities. Additionally, it can also allow you to discover the many involvement opportunities offered across all campuses. The Co-Curricular Record is a way for students to formally document all of their non-academic, student engagement and leadership involvement in a validated format called a Co-Curricular Record (CCR). For additional information please see the separate Co-Curricular FAQ's on the menu to the left.

What are Co-Curricular Activities?

A co-curricular activity is an experience you participate in from an outside of the classroom focus. This means, you don't get academic credit for the experience, but it allows you to develop very specific personal and professional skills and abilities. Co-curricular activities are activities that are outside of the classroom and curriculum requirements, take place for more than 15 hours per academic year or semester (activity dependent), contribute to the students' overall acquisition of knowledge related to learning outcomes, and are validated by Mohawk College staff or faculty. For additional information please see the separate Co-Curricular FAQ's on the menu to the left.

How do I use the Co-Curricular Record?

As the CCR is an authenticated record of volunteer and leadership involvement, it is complementary to the academic transcript and resume and can be added as an artifact within your e-portfolio. The transferable skills gained through this involvement are qualified by achievement statements, which are tied to the institutional learning outcomes. It can be used to supplement applications for scholarships, bursaries and graduate programs to highlight your complete college experience.

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