Supervisor Process

Application for a Position

  • Supervisors must apply for a position by the posted deadline date.
  • Job descriptions will be reviewed by HR. Supervisors will be contacted if changes are required to their position or to determine eligibility of the position for CSEP funding.
  • You will be notified via email if your position has been accepted or declined.
  • Departments are not guaranteed a position. Please do not offer employment to a student until you receive confirmation that your position was approved.

Posting Positions

  • After receiving confirmation of a position, all approved positions will be posted online for students to apply.
  • Postings will be based on the description provided in the application process.
  • Applications for students who met the CSEP eligibility requirement will be sent to Admin Supervisors via email after the job postings have closed.


  • Students must complete an online CSEP - Financial Assistance Profile prior to applying for a CSEP position so that financial need can be determined.
  • Students cannot be offered a CSEP position until we determine they meet the eligibility:
    • In good academic standing (i.e. grades)
    • Studying full-time 
    • Demonstrating financial need
  • Supervisors are responsible for:
    • Interviewing and hiring the candidate.
    • Submitting all completed documentation for new student employees including a college application, current year federal and provincial tax sheets and a direct deposit form.
    • Ensuring students can support at college events, including Convocation, Destination College, Open Houses, Orientation and Special Events. 
  • Students will not be funded by CSEP until appropriate documentation is submitted and approval is received. If your student works prior to approval, the cost will be against the Supervisor’s cost centre account.


  • Supervisors are responsible for day-to-day supervision of their CSEP student and:
    • Meeting with their student to review expectations of the student’s position and the requirements.
    • Completing a progress review and providing performance feedback to the student.
    • Ensure students submit their electronic timesheets bi-weekly and approve the students timesheets to meet Payroll deadlines.
    • Replacement of a student throughout the term is only permitted if approved by the program administrator.