Mohawk Residence Kitchen Sign-up

Check Kitchen availability and sign up for a time slot (you will be redirected to

If you would like to book multiple time slots, please feel free to do so. Remember, there are a lot of students in Residence and only one kitchen. Please be mindful of this when booking multiple time slots.

When it is time to use the kitchen, students are asked to go to the Residence front desk to have a staff member grant access to the kitchen. Staff will follow all proper physical distancing protocols when granting access to the kitchen.

Students are asked to ensure all items and mess are cleaned up after use. Staff will follow up individually with any student who leaves the kitchen messy.

There will be a 15 minute period after each time slot which will be used by staff to sanitize the kitchen area.

Thank you!

Please note: Due to the sanitizer used after each booking and for general sanitary purposes, we do not recommend that students place raw or uncooked food directly on the counter surfaces.