Technical Support

Stop by the Virtual Digital Creativity Centre for help with MyCanvas, Microsoft 365, digital tools or other academic technology.

Service Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am to 7:30pm
Friday: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Collaboration Space

Meet online with your peers to study or work on group projects. Share your screen or use one of the private spaces with a virtual whiteboard.

Open 24/7 for collaboration!

Getting Started Using Gather

What You Need
Just a computer with a mic and camera. We recommend using Chrome, Edge or Firefox as your browser. Mobile device support has limited features.

Create Your Avatar
In Gather, your avatar is called a character. Name and customize your character by choosing clothing and accessories to bring your character to life!

Set Up Your A/V
Give Gather permission to access your webcam and mic.

Explore the Space
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or double click with your mouse to move around.

Interact with Others
Click on someone in the Participants list to locate or follow them in the space.
Use chat to send text to a specific person, those nearby, or everyone in the room.

Interact with Objects
Press "x" on your keyboard to interact with objects.
Use emotes (1-6 on your keyboard) to express yourself.

Ending Your Session
To end a session, navigate your character back to the Tech Bar and close the browser tab.

Creating Your Avatar

  1. Design Your Own Custom Avatar with options for body, clothing and accessories.
  2. Add your first name only.  For class sessions add your program information too. Example: Joe (CICE)

The next time you join, using the same browser and computer, your avatar will be saved for you.

Audio and Video Settings

You must grant permission for Gather to connect your video and audio settings.

If you missed allowing the permission settings, they can be edited by clicking the lock icon to the left-hand side of the URL, Make sure to change settings to Allow.

User Interface

  1. Settings: view device settings
  2. Chat: connect with nearby users or specific users
  3. Participants: shows all current users in space
  4. Change Avatar: change your appearance
  5. Display Name: update your display name
  6. Screen Share: share your screen for tech support, collaboration or class presentations
  7. Emotes: use emotes (1-6 on your keyboard) to express yourself.
  8. Your Video: turn your webcam and mic ON and OFF

Class Sessions

If you are joining Gather for a scheduled class, follow these guidelines:

  • Character Names: Add your program information to your name if you are arriving for a class. For example Joe F (CICE).
  • Classroom location: Classrooms are located in the hallway outside of the entrance to the Virtual Digital Creativity Centre. Look for your class name written on the floor.
  • Chat: Send messages to a specific person listed in chat or choose Nearby to communicate with your group or those near you. Do not send chat messages to Everyone as this goes to every person using the Virtual Space. 
  • Podium: The podiums are labelled for faculty or student use.
  • Faculty Space: Desks or spaces marked with Faculty are private spaces for faculty use.
  • Technical Support: Tech staff will be identified by their character names or at desks marked Tech Support.


The Virtual DCC has been tested with Jaws and NVDA. While it is not perfect, a user can read, navigate menus and interact with content in the space. has recommendations on how to best use Gather to assist with your accessibility needs as well as recommended third-party apps that have proven to assist with some accessibility issues. To learn more, please read Gather Accessibility (Links to an external site.).

You can have others guide you momentarily from space to space using the follow feature.  Once you are where you need to be, you can tap any arrow key on your keyboard to stop following the person.

Contact a Tech Coach if you need assistance navigating the Virtual DCC.