Meet the Mohawk Team

Travelling locally and across the province, you will likely meet one of these superstars at a high school, community centre or postsecondary event in the coming year. You have questions, we have answers! 

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Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 2496
Twitter: @MohawkCherish

Cherish actively recruits students from high schools in the Hamilton, Halton and Haldimand Norfolk regions.

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Cherish encourages all levels of learning at Mohawk including preparatory, apprenticeship, continuing education and full time postsecondary diploma programs. Cherish promotes the value of post-secondary education and identifies pathways and direction for students, parents, teachers, counsellors and community members. She received her diploma from Mohawk in Advertising and Marketing Communications Media, as well as her certification in Event Planning Management.

Cherish started her career in Student Engagement and Ancillary Services as a Conference and Event Planner. After 10 years Cherish accepted a position in Continuing Education at Mohawk teaching in the Event Planning Techniques program. Cherish's most recent move at Mohawk brought her to Student Recruitment and Marketing, where she helps prospective applicants make plans for their postsecondary education.


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Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 2114
Twitter: @MohawkJamie

Jamie recruits in Hamilton and Niagara area high schools and is committed to assisting prospective students in planning their career paths.

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Jamie offers a wide variety of recruitment services to students, guidance counsellors, teachers and parents such as program information and admission requirement sessions, college application assistance, career class guest speaker and more.

Jamie is a proud Mohawk College graduate of the Business Marketing and General Business diploma programs as well as the Human Resources Management and Workplace Leadership Certificate programs. She has over 12 years of working experience with the college and joined the Recruitment department in 2005. Feel free to connect with Jamie and learn about the fabulous programs and services Mohawk can offer potential students.


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Phone: 905-979-2173
Twitter: @CollegeinMotion

Terrilynn is one of two Community Outreach and Education Advisors for Mohawk College, assisting individuals to develop education pathways based on their interests and career goals.

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Terrilynn services students in high schools, adult education centres, community agencies and through referrals across Hamilton and Halton. She is a proud graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Mohawk, and is currently continuing her studies at Ryerson University. As a high school student, Terrilynn was unsure of the possibilities after grade twelve and where she would end up. Tapping into her adventurous side, she took a couple of years off before heading to post-secondary to travel across Canada, and explore the beauty of Thailand. She has volunteered in Costa Rica, explored cliffs and castles in Ireland, travelled through the Mediterranean and is planning for more trips in the future.

Her personal experience with discovering her own path, creativity and positive energy is what drives her to be so passionate about educating students on the opportunities and pathways available to them after high school. She loves her job and wants everyone to have the opportunity to one day, feel that way too!


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Phone: 905-870-0856 ext. 3362
Twitter: @CollegeinMotion

Tracey-Ann assists individuals across the Hamilton region, in developing educational pathways based on their interests and career goals.

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She provides services to students in high schools, alternative education sites, community agencies and through referrals. She is a proud graduate of the Enterprise Business program at Mohawk, is a qualified Gas Technician II, and is pursuing further studies at Brock University in a Bachelor of Education – Adult Education. Tracey’s experience includes, working with applicants through the Admissions department, specializing in the Engineering/Skilled Trades area. Tracey is dedicated to ensures access to postsecondary education for all, and helps creates realistic plans to assist individuals in this pursuit. Devoted and proud to support Mohawk College’s Everyday Heroes.


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Phone: 905-979-4117
Twitter: @Mohawkkim


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Kim is passionate about Mohawk College and the importance of a postsecondary education.

Previous to this role, Kim spent 12 years in the Financial Assistance Office at Mohawk as an Advisor, educating and assisting students on how to pay for college, through the use of loans, awards and bursaries. She began her career at Mohawk as a work-study student in the Registrar’s Office while completing her Advertising and Communication Media diploma. After graduating, Kim worked in the industry as a Media Planner before realizing Mohawk College was the place for her. In her off time, Kim can be found rocking out in her car or playing slo-pitch softball.


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Phone: 905-870-0019

Sam actively recruits students across the Halton & Peel regions promoting the importance of post-secondary education.

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Sam is passionate about Mohawk College and its many offerings and opportunities from postsecondary programs to apprenticeships  and assists students with making informed decisions. From general information sessions about what Mohawk College offers to specialized workshops and clinics, she can present it all.

As a recent addition to the Student Recruitment team, Sam is a four-time Mohawk graduate with Business, Marketing, Business Studies, and Public Relations under her belt. With over 4 years working at the college, Sam has extensive knowledge in the music and media fields, the certifications and internship opportunities that are available, as well as the career opportunities that exist within these industries after graduation.

Mohawk College helped turn her passion into a profession and she looks forward to showcasing how Mohawk College can do the same for you.