Curriculum Development at Mohawk College

Outcomes-Based Education (OBE)

Mohawk College’s curriculum follows the principles of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE).

OBE embodies the idea that the best way to learn is to first determine what needs to be achieved. Once the end goal (product or outcome) has been determined, the strategies, processes, techniques, and other ways and means can be put into place to achieve the goal.

Outcomes-Based Education:

  • Is a student-centred learning philosophy that focuses on measuring student performance (outcomes)
  • Clearly specifies what students are expected to learn and arranges the curriculum such that these intended outcomes are achieved
  • Is used for all college-level education throughout Ontario
  • Focuses on the intended outcomes learners should be able to demonstrate at the end of a learning experience – what the student should be able to do after completing the learning activities and assessments associated with the learning experience.
  • Is used by faculty to choose appropriate assessment strategies, to measure student achievement of learning outcomes, and as a tool for planning, evaluating, and improving the curriculum as a whole.

Outcomes-Based Education at Mohawk College

At Mohawk College, we use Outcomes-Based Education to guide the curriculum we develop, including college-wide policies, program-level outcomes, course learning outcomes, and individual lesson outcomes. The guides in this section of the website can help you to better understand Mohawk’s approach to Curriculum Development, and give you the tools you need to develop curriculum for your area.