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This webpage has been developed to support instructors and support staff in their use of eLearn, Mohawk College Learning Management System (LMS).  Support for users of eLearn @ Mohawk is shared among several departments: The Library TECH BARs and IT Help Desk and Library provide student support, with The Centre for Teaching & Learning providing instructional and pedagogical support to faculty.

CTL is available Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

To know more about eLearn tools and features, you can download and view any of the guides, videos, and other support documents available on this page. For answers to common questions, visit the FAQ section located off your My Home navigation bar in eLearn @ Mohawk.

What Is It

eLearn @ Mohawk is Mohawk College's platform for online learning, and is a key component of the College’s blended delivery model in which a significant portion of most courses is delivered and managed online.  Based on Brightspace by Desire2Learn, eLearn offers a powerful suite of flexible teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, assessment, and management.  eLearn supplies an online learning space for every course offered at the College, with a rich set of online tools. The use of eLearn is a requirement in almost every post-secondary program.

Instructors use eLearn to post course outlines, course information, course content, quizzes, discussion topics, and more. They manage and grade assignments, create assessments, manage communication, and maintain the gradebook. Students access content and activities, perform group work, engage in discussions, submit assignments, complete quizzes, watch videos, and more, all within their eLearn courses.

How It Works

eLearn is accessible on the Internet by a web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) Users log in with their Mohawk College email address and email password and arrive at eLearn’s My Home page, a page that is common to all users. The content that is available from that page and others on eLearn is dependent on a user’s role on the system; the two most familiar roles being Student and Instructor.

From My Home, user can view links to the courses in which they are enrolled; following a course link brings a user to a “course”. eLearn courses are managed by Instructors, generally the faculty member who is teaching the course.

The core eLearn toolset includes a rich set of tools, and Instructors are free to enable or disable various tools to suit their curriculum and their course outcomes. Courses can look and behave quite differently from each other, and are reflections of the unique curriculum and the Instructor(s) who design them.

At Mohawk, we’ve extended the core toolset with many different integrated products, including Kaltura (our streaming media service), Capture@Mohawk (our Panopto-based video capture platform used for recording teaching), Turnitin Feedback Studio (for plagiarism detection), and many others.

Mohawk has been using eLearn since 2009, and the platform is constantly being improved and expanded. Users benefit from continuous improvement and a continuous and regular flow of updates, bug fixes, and new features.

Educational Technology Specialists

The Centre for Teaching & Learning is home to a team of educational designers providing technical and pedagogical support to faculty in their use of eLearn @ Mohawk. Each specialist has direct responsibility for the eLearn and learning technologies needs of a specific School or Schools.

  • Andrew Connery (andrew.connery [at] mohawkcollege.ca) is responsible for:
    • Construction & Building Systems
    • Industrial & Motive Power
    • Multimedia Development (All Schools)
  • Amy Cook (amy.cook [at] mohawkcollege.ca) is responsible for:
    • Building Construction, Electrical & Energy
    • Business
    • C.E. Business
    • Chemical, Mechanical & Aviation
    • Community Studies
    • CSAIT
    • Health Studies
  • Graeme Douglas (graeme.douglas [at] mohawkcollege.ca) is responsible for:
    • Allied Health
    • C.E. Engineering Technology
    • C.E. Health Studies
    • Grad Studies, Applied Research & Entrepreneurship
    • Media Studies
    • Nursing
  • Jeff Rankine (jeffrey.rankine [at] mohawkcollege.ca) is responsible for:
    • Access & Community Engagement
    • C.E. Community Services
    • C.E. Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Coop & Community Employment
    • Indigenous Programs
    • International Education
    • Liberal Studies
    • Social Services & Justice Studies

Log into eLearn @ Mohawk

Instructor, support staff and students can log in directly by going to https://elearn.mohawkcollege.ca/ and logging with their Mohawk College ID (9-digit employee number) and email password.

* Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for eLearn @ Mohawk

Course Crosslisting Request

eLearn Crosslisting is a process that groups together two or more similar course offerings - each identified by a unique course registration number (CRN) - into a new single course offering, to ease certain elements of course administration. To crosslist your courses please complete this form and it will automatically submit a ticket to the IT help desk to track this request.  One submitted form for each specific course crosslisting request.  Please allow 2-3 business days for these requests to be completed.

Important: The crosslisting process erases all course content, assessments, marks, etc. in all of the course offerings being crosslisted together. Therefore, all crosslistings should be complete prior to populating and/or copying course content into any course offerings.  If you have already populated one or more of your course offerings with content and now wish to crosslist them, contact ctl [at] mohawkcollege.ca (subject: Crosslisting%20Question) (CTL.)

eLearn Crosslisting request form

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