Panopto-to-Kaltura Transition FAQs

Resources to Support the Panopto-to-Kaltura Transition

As recently announced, the College’s Panopto contract will end on August 31, 2022 and access to the Panopto media platform will cease, with all media resources and activity moving to Kaltura.  

FAQs: This is a growing list of questions (and answers) about the Transition:  Panopto to Kaltura Transition FAQs

Recordings: Two live information sessions were recently held on Zoom. The sessions were centred around the FAQs, and shared what we know about the Transition. Among the topics of discussion are the timeline, impact, and what it means to you and your students.

More information on the use of Kaltura can be found in the following INFOsheet: Using Kaltura (updated May 2022)

Getting Started with the Kaltura Media Management and Production Tools (video)

The Panopto-to-Kaltura Transition- Copying Media and Updating Content (video)

Who can help you at Mohawk

Contact an Educational Technology Specialist for assistance with this process.