eLearn Accessibility and Preference Widget

Students benefit from options that allow them to change their online learning environment to meet their individual learning needs and/or preferences. The eLearn Accessibility and Preference Widget includes captioned videos that provide students instructions to:

  • Change the default font type and size in eLearn
  • Use ReadSpeaker for HTML content in eLearn
  • Use DocReader in eLearn
  • Learn about additional accessibility tools within eLearn.

The widget also includes a link to a free, external text-to-speech tool to provide an additional option to learners who prefer to listen to external course content.



The Accessibility and Preference widget has already been included on the eLearn My Home page, the default Course Home page and the Student Support page of the Mohawk College website.

If you are using a customized Course Home page and want to add this widget, please follow these steps:

  1. Access the course you wish to add the widget to
  2. Click Edit on the course Navigation Bar
  3. Select Homepages
  4. Click the name of your custom Course Home page (name should be in blue and demarcated as Active on the right hand side of the screen)
  5. Under Widgets select the area in which you wish to add this widget and then click that area's corresponding Add Widgets button
  6. In the list of widgets check the box beside eLearn Accessibility/Preference Features for Students and hit the Add button
  7. Hit the Save and Close button

The Accessibility and Preference widget will now appear on the custom Course Home page.