Mohawk Networking Group


Networking for success

Join a community of peers to develop your networking skills and form new connections across Mohawk College. 

Download the Networking Group Handbook 

The Mohawk Networking Group will connect individuals across the College with a common interest in networking, sharing new ideas, collaborating, informal peer-to-peer learning and expanding their professional networks. This self-guided group will be responsible for determining the format and content of monthly meetings with support from Human Resources. Every member will be required to contribute to the development of the group.

Networking meetings may include college and community speakers, networking events, activities, professional development and more. 


Why Participate?

Benefits to Participants:

  • Meet individuals at Mohawk College who share common interests
  • Learn and practice networking skills to help strengthen your career trajectory
  • Gain confidence and learn how to build strong work relationships
  • Share new ideas and find creative ways to tackle work challenges
  • Learn about other areas of the College and how you can collaborate
  • Expand your professional network within Mohawk and the greater Hamilton community
  • A safe and collaborative meeting opportunity to openly share ideas and learn from others

How it Works 

How often will the group meet?

The Mohawk Networking Group will meet monthly during the seven month duration of the program. Meetings will take place during lunch hour. 

What is a Networking Meeting like?

This is a self-guided networking group. The first two meetings will be facilitated by Human Resources and will include a guest speaker who will share best practices and tips for networking. 

In future meetings, participants will decide on the format and content and will continue to receive support from Human Resources. Networking meetings may include a variety of activities including, but not limited to:

  • College and community speakers
  • Networking events
  • Activities
  • Formal professional development
  • Discussions, problem solving and idea generating


How to Apply

The application period is now closed. 

If approved into the program, participants will be required to attend a Kick-off meeting on February 20, from 11AM to 1PM. Additional details will be shared with successful applicants. 


Who can participate?

  • All Mohawk College employees can participate (support staff, administrative employees and faculty).
  • Part time employees who have been at the College for a minimum of one year and who currently have a contract that covers the period of the program are eligible to apply.


I’m also applying to participate in the Mohawk Mentoring program. Can I participate in both programs?

  • Yes, you can apply to participate in both programs. You must complete the online application for each program separately, which will then be reviewed and considered for program placement. Please consider the time commitment required to successfully participate in the programs.


What is the time commitment required?

  • The Mohawk Networking Group will meet in person once a month for seven months during lunch hour. Additional email and phone communications between members may take place in between meetings to continue conversations and further collaboration.
  • In addition, all participants will be asked to attend a mandatory Kick-off Meeting on February 20th from 11AM - 1PM.
  • Additional PD opportunities are optional, but highly recommended.


Is this something that is done on work time or do we meet after work hours?

  • All meetings will take place during work hours at lunch time.


I am a faculty member: is this time that should be reflected on my SWF?

  • The time commitment required for this program will not be attributed to your SWF. Participation in the program is a voluntary undertaking for anyone who is interested. The range of reasons people may choose to participate is very broad, and while we believe networking is very beneficial, it is not something we will “assign” as work.


For additional information, please contact the Program Managers:

Gabriela VanDyken

Email: gabriela.vandyken [at]
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 4791

Laura D’Alessandro
Email: laura.dalessandro [at]
Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 2370