Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to abusive behaviour (physical, sexual, and/or psychological) that is intended to exert control over another person and may occur in any relationship. The following is considered to be workplace violence:

When a person, such as a spouse or former spouse, current or former intimate partner or a family member is involved in a personal relationship with a worker, and the person may physically harm, or attempt or threaten to physically harm the worker at work.

In situations where the College becomes aware, or ought reasonably to be aware that domestic violence that would likely expose an employee to physical injury may occur in the workplace, the College will take precautions reasonable in the circumstances to protect the employee.

If you are a victim of domestic violence

Ask for help. You are encouraged to tell your immediate supervisor, Human Resources or Security about your concerns. Your situation and information will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity.

Security and Human Resources will work with you to develop a personal safety plan that may include:

  • Alternate work arrangement
  • Escort to/from parking lot to your office
  • Loan of a cell phone
  • Personal alarm
  • Support through the Employee Assistance Plan
  • Coordination with police or other external resources as necessary

Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. The provision to disclose personal information under the Occupational Health and Safety Act supersedes privacy legislation.
  2. Employers need to balance privacy with worker safety. If necessary, employers are permitted to disclose as much personal information as needed to protect workers.
  3. No employer or supervisor shall disclose more personal information in the circumstances than is reasonably necessary to protect the worker from physical injury.


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