Payroll Services

Current Mohawk staff can access various payroll resources from this page. Find out how to access the expense claim system, payroll schedules, deadlines and forms, and sign up for epost.

Full-Time Employees

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Review upcoming payroll deadlines and pay dates as well as obtain overtime, direct deposit and shift premium forms.

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Part-Time Employees

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Access electronic timesheet through MyMohawk, review payroll deadlines and obtain payroll forms.

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Continuing Education Employees

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Review upcoming payroll deadlines and pay dates and find various payroll forms.

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Expense Claims

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Access the expense claim system, find procedures, deadlines and more on expense reimbursement.

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Sign Up for epost

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Help Mohawk "Go Green!" Sign up for epost, and receive your paystubs and T4 slips electronically.

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Payroll Forms

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Find various forms including direct deposit, tax forms, benefit transfer, overtime and shift premium forms and more.

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What's New?

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Stay updated with the latest information on payroll related issues.

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Computer Purchase Program

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Looking to buy a computer? Get exclusive staff discounts through the Apple and Dell corporate programs here.

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Staff Directory

Livia Harding - Payroll Manager
Extension 2427
livia.harding [at]

Tamara Collins - Admin Payroll, MCF Payroll and General Inquiries
Extension 2021
tamara.collins [at]

Ning-Ning Dong - Faculty Payroll, CE Payroll and Expense Claims
Extension 2012
ning-ning.dong [at]

Darlene Curran - Support Payroll
Extension 2058
darlene.carr [at]

Deanne Paez - Part-Time Payroll
Extension 2266
deanne.paez [at]