EON Reality Inc. and Mohawk College Partnership

Providing immersive solutions to build a skilled workforce.

The field of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is a fast-growing sector of the economy and it’s expected that by 2019, these immersive solutions will be adopted by 20 per cent of all large enterprise businesses.* This technology is transforming the way educators prepare students for successful careers, and how industry trains employees.

Mohawk College is building a new Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Centre, in an exclusive-in-Ontario collaboration with EON Reality Inc., a world leader in AR & VR Technology.

This centre will serve as a hub for innovation, training, education and applied research solutions across multiple industries, serving the entire province. Companies around the world are using augmented and virtual reality training to reduce risk, lower costs and increase effective knowledge transfer.

EON Reality Inc. and Mohawk College can support institutions working with industrial or commercial partners to create AR/VR digital assets to deliver training solutions.

What is AR/VR?

Augmented Reality is characterized by the incorporation of digital information including images, video and audio into real-world spaces. It blends reality with the virtual environment allowing users to interact with both physical and digital objects.

VR enables users to step into an immersive, computer-simulated alternate world where sensory experiences can occur. Current VR technology most commonly uses head-mounted devices such as Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Vive.

This technology comes to life at Mohawk College's new AR/VR centre in partnership with EON Reality Inc.

Embracing new educational technologies

Education is changing and educational institutions must change by embracing new technologies. Since 1999, EON Reality Inc. has been providing educational institutions with complete AR/VR solutions to help students learn faster, improve retention rates and make better decisions.

AR/VR benefits students and educators by:

  • Allowing faculty to teach more, in less time.
  • Shifting the focus to the development of higher skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Improving attention in the classroom and awakening students’ curiosity for learning.
  • Providing the tools to develop, access, host and distribute AR/VR experiences without the complexity of building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure.

Partnership opportunities to support next generation training

Colleges, universities, and industry partners can benefit from the EON Reality Inc./Mohawk College partnership by tapping into EON Reality’s state-of-the-art platform to create customized AR/VR content, or leveraging the more than 8,000 AR/VR assets EON Reality Inc. has already created. Since 1999, EON Reality Inc. has been providing industry and educational institutions with complete AR/VR solutions to help employees and students learn faster, improve retention rates and make better decisions.

Supercluster alignment

AR/VR training aligns with Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster’s mission of building the province’s next generation training and technology adoption. As a result of this alignment, we believe it is likely that investments in AR/VR training initiatives would qualify for supercluster funding.

Learn more about Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster strategy

Contact us to learn more

Dr. Marilyn Powers 
Coordinator/Professor, Virtual Reality Multimedia Production 
Phone: (905) 575-1212 x4591 
Email: marilyn.powers@mohawkcollege.ca

*Gartner, Inc. 2017, March. Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality