Better Together. Accessibility is for Everyone!

Accessible Learning Services
Mar 20

Join us for Accessibility Awareness Week in the MCACES Learning Link from 10am – 2pm on Monday March 20th!

Spin the wheel to learn more about accessibility and eat some treats. Have a turn trying the latest assistive technology devices and find out how they improve the college experience for many Mohawk students.

Speak to Mohawk Students’ Association staff about clubs, resources, and more!

Register for our Ableism Virtual Workshop from 1-2pm on Monday March 20th.

Express your creativity at our Sensory Workshop, by exploring your 5 senses to produce a collective art piece.

Learn more about Accessible Learning Services by speaking with professionals in the field.

Accessibility is for everyone. We are better together!

E-mail us to get the als [at] (Zoom link session).

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Fennell Campus - 135 Fennell Ave W. | Fennell Campus | MCACES Learning Link
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