Financial Life After College Webinar

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Jun 22

Career Ready by Alumni - Financial Life After College Webinar

When: Tuesday, June 22 @ 1 pm
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free for Students, Alumni and Guests

Join us to learn practical tips for improving your financial wellness as you look ahead to life after college. This webinar presentation by Mo’Money will cover: 

  • Learning What You Can Afford: budgets and debt management 
  • How to find your student loan information
  • Ways to reduce your overall borrowing costs after college
  • Providing visibility into current and projected loan indebtedness
  • Sources for diversifying funding options for a post-grad program

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Hosted in partnership with Mo'Money

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If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Dyment in Alumni Relations at lindsay.dyment [at] or visit for more information. 

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