Film Recommendation - The Angry Inuk & Sex, Spirit, Strength

National Indigenous History Month
Jun 23

In honor of National Indigenous History Month, Indigenous Student Services and Social Inc. is offering Weekly Film Recommendations.

All Mohawk College students have free access to this film through the library catalogue.

This week:

Film: The Angry Inuk (2016)

In her award-winning documentary, director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril joins a new tech-savvy generation of Inuit as they campaign to challenge long-established perceptions of seal hunting. Armed with social media and their own sense of humour and justice, this group is bringing its own voice into the conversation and presenting themselves to the world as a modern people in dire need of a sustainable economy.

Watch The Angry Inuk (82 min)

Film: Sex, Spirit, Strength

Sex Spirit Strength follows Michael and Jack, two young Indigenous men, as they shed the stigma and shame associated with their sexual health and gender identity. Michael, a former addict who lived a high-risk lifestyle that left him with permanent scars, hopes his activism work will discourage other young people from going down the same path. Jack, a transgender gay man, is committed to bringing pride back to two-spirit identity through education and activism.

Watch Sex, Spirit, Strength

Did you know?

Nunavut is an Inuit territory that represents about 20 percent of Canada’s land mass. The invention of the parka ensured survival in the Arctic. The traditional parka always had a hood and was made of either sealskin or caribou hide. The women’s parkas of the Inuit of the Eastern Arctic had larger hoods than men’s because the hood was used as a baby carrier! This style of parka is called “amauti”.

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