It's Okay, to not be Okay! - Gratitude Vs. Toxic Positivity

Boy sitting crossed-legged with a rainbow above his head.
Mar 15

It's 2023 and we are still on the 'good vibes only' wave - which is a great tool for helping you practice a positive mindset, but what happens when life gets too real and you no longer feel those 'good vibes.'? Join us in this interactive workshop to understand the difference between toxic positivity and living your most authentic self through organic gratitude. Gain the benefits of receiving and feeling thankful without dismissing all of our emotions.

Facilitator: Sara Ali.

Sara Ali (she/her) is a Learning Support Strategist with City School by Mohawk College where she is support staff in the Thriving Well course. Sara earned her advanced diploma with honors in Child and Youth Care at Mohawk College where she went on to peruse various roles promoting student wellness at Mohawk college. Most recently, Sara has been working on a research project partnership with the Youth Wellness Centre and City School to promote Black, Indigenous, and racialized youth in achieving their employment/ education goals through personal, professional, and wellness development.​

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