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Aug 26

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Simple changes in our pedagogy - in things like course design/development/planning, classroom practices, and communication with students - can have a powerful impact on student learning. And, on our well-being.

Join us for a series of collaborative sessions as you prepare for the upcoming academic year. 

Monday, August 26, A219, Fennell

9-10:30 am - Plan Your Semester

Every semester has its own rhythm. Acknowledge and plan ahead to address the predictable swings in attitudes, stress, workload, and motivation throughout for both faculty and students.

11-12:30 pm – Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity

This workshop focuses on creating a culture of academic integrity through proactive measures such as on-boarding, strategic assessment design and policy enforcement. Participants will generate practical ideas to help mitigate potential cases of academic dishonesty.

1:30-3:30 pm – Small Changes in Teaching

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and other small changes to the design of your courses and teaching practice can energize and boost student understanding – without a lot of extra preparation time and grading.

Tuesday, August 27, A219, Fennell

9-10:30 am – Classroom Management

Join in a collaborative and toolbox building discussion about classroom management strategies to use at the beginning of the semester and throughout. Share what’s worked for you – and what hasn’t. Pick up new ideas for large, small, and diverse classes.

11-12:30 pm – Make the Most of Your First Day of Class

Making the most of your first day of class will develop student motivation and engagement in your course.  Explore strategies for creating a great first impression, including, building rapport with and between students, establishing your credibility, piquing student interest in the subject matter, and setting norms and expectations for a successful course.  Participants will develop a plan for the first day for a specific course of their choice.

1:30-3:30 pm – Collaborative Projects

Participants will experience a simulated group-building exercise, try-out peer activities, and explore course contracts (interaction, management and conflict resolution) and best practices for group assessment strategies. Participants will leave with a heightened understanding of group dynamics, how to best support group work and implications for learning.

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